Kahaani: The only Indian film in IMDB’s top 50 thrillers list

Sujoy Ghosh’s Vidya Balan-starrer has managed to impress the audience so much that it has made its place in the league of Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction and Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight

It has just been a week since Kahaani released and it has already been unanimously hailed as a bona fide thriller by the critics and masses alike. Vidya Balan as an expectant mother on a mission is already being named as a strong contender for the next year’s National Awards, so soon after winning this year for The Dirty Picture. An emotional Sujoy Ghosh posted a message on Twitter: “to sum up, as rafisaab sang “doston dosti ke liye shukriyaan.. yeh aankhen bhar aayee toh phir kya hua.. ” thank you for loving KAHAANI”

While there are a few who felt slightly cheated by Sujoy because of the way the film unfolds, it has generally managed to impress the audiences, especially those who are tired of watching conventional masala thrillers. It definitely came as a surprise when we heard that Kahaani has already made an entry into the IMDB (International Movie Data Base) website’s Top 50 Films list. This was made possible by the generous votes of people who loved the film and rated it on the site.

With this, the bar has been raised, not only for Sujoy, but also other Bollywood filmmakers who are striving to make good, meaningful films without a forced item number. We certainly do look forward to seeing more of those!

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