Kaizad Gustad: Censor Board should have a sense of humour!

The Jackpot director reacts after the Censor Board finds the song Eggjactly from the movie objectionable

When speculations are doing the rounds that Sunny Leone’s sizzling presence might earn Sachiin Joshi’s forthcoming movie Jackpot an A certificate from the Censor Borad Of India, the film is facing newer trouble. The makers of this film have been asked to remove the song titled Eggjactly from the movie.

“The Censor Board has an issue with the lyrics, which they found slightly derogatory. They have asked us to ban the song on television. There is still a chance to include it in the film. If DK Bose ( Delhi Belly) can be passed, why not Eggjactly?” questions Sachiin Joshi who is not only playing the protagonist in the film but producing the venture as well.

The said number is composed and sung by Javed Jaffrey, It apparently touches about controversial topics like Commonwealth Games scam and Bofors as well as on Lokpal Bill.

The director of the film Kaizad Gustad maintains that the song is satire and the Censors should have a sense of humour.