Kajol hasn’t signed Karan Johar’s film opposite Shahrukh Khan!

Kajol hasn’t signed Karan Johar’s film opposite Shahrukh Khan!

It’s going to take a kickass script for the yummy mummy to leave behind her motherly duties and return to the studios

The dream to watch the delightful onscreen couple Shahrukh Khan and Kajol recreate eternal love like they did in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, Kabhie Khushi Kabhi Gham or the more recent My Name Is Khan, is far from realisation. The latest gossip that Karan Johar was considering a script with his buddies and favourite onscreen jodi SRK and Kads is untrue.

In an interview, the mommy, who is growing sexier with every passing day, denied signing a film opposite the Badshah of Bollywood. Kajol said she will love to team up onscreen with her buddy SRK, or even hubby Ajay Devgn, but insists she won’t overlook the film’s story and screenplay to just do a film with them. The leading lady who is known for emotionally powerful performances said, “The real pull (to act) has to be the script, really. It could be a small role, but has to be a powerful one.” And we don’t defy what Kads believes. ‘Coz even though her last film, We Are Family got mixed reviews, we think no one else could have brought alive the suffering and sentiments of a dying mother like Mrs Devgn.

Kajol opted to walk off centrestage when her filmi career was at its peak, which could be a lesson for all those lovely leading ladies who are putting off their personal lives for that lure of the arclights. We hope current reigning queen Kareena Kapoor, who has been doing a lot of ordinary roles in blockbuster hits with superstars – like Aamir Khan in 3 Idiots, Ajay Devgn in the Golmaal series, Salman Khan in Bodyguard and of course SRK in RA.One – takes a cue from Kajol’s mantra for long-lasting success along with a fulfilling life.

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  • jen

    Dats the way Kadz, no need to do five billions films in one year with all silly parts for women. Where all the girl does is provide some sort of eye candy n zero substance. Bollywood scripts in recent years have all been ridiculous rip-offs or terrible remakes of hollywood movies its good to hear Kadz not jumping @ every script she gets. Kajol the Queen of hearts.

    • aruna

      kajol please make a come back in opposite to srk in karan johar films as they are Ur bestest friends. we want to see u on screen

  • Heera

    If Kajol is smart, she’ll stay away from popcorn movies with SRK. His movies rarely have strong roles for women her age and she deserves better than that. She should work with Aamir again, they were fantastic together in Fanaa and at least his movies have credible, heroine roles.

    • Ayesha Manneh

      Hey heera am see i know kajol is smarter than you and she knows what she is doing. Everyone is wishing or hoping for Shahrukh and kajol to and you’re saying like if kajol was smart and by the way those popcorn movies of shahrukh and Kajol’s is way cooler than the movies kajol had done with others ok let me tell you that and i find really strong role in the movies they do together and even if FANAA was great that doesn’t make it greater than the films they together and it seems like you are the only one against HIM AND HER SO GIVE UP MY DEAR FRIEND.

  • TINA





    KAJOL and sharukh is best in the world please kajol i really request to sign the film of karan

  • uzma bilal

    plz karan we are dying to see the romance of srk and kajol plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Neha

    Plz….. kajol,,,we are dying to see u and srk together…

  • Linda

    I luv Shahrukh khan & kajol wit my life,any1 dat hates dem is a demented Beast!

  • suresh babu sekharan

    Love to watch again Kajol in a powerful role, no matter sharukh, amir or salman. Kajol please make a come back.

  • mukesh

    kajol plz make movie with srk and karan i am really wait for the watch together so plz

  • satyajit

    AJAYA dev GANDH z d reason for srk-kajol separation.

  • andy

    Shahrukh Khan falls in love with Ajay Devgn Kajol tuase Take it away is a good match with her but as eposo