Kajol: I’ll do TV only when I’m sure about it!

Kajol: I’ll do TV only when I’m sure about it!

 Reacting to rumours that she is soon to make her foray onto the small screen, Bollywood actress Kajol said here that nothing but her own confidence in a project will make her join the telly world

Rumours have been rife that Kajol will be seen on the television with the Indian adaptation of the series Forbrydelsen (The Killing) and that she will play the role of an investigator in it.

However, clarifying her stance on the matter, she said here: “TV is one thing that I will do only when I am sure what I am doing…I will not do it otherwise. I will not do it just like that and won’t do it if somebody has just asked me to do it.”

“I will not do it just because rumours about my getting into TV are floating. I will do it only when I am absolutely sure that what I am doing will work for me.”

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  • JC

    Couldn’t love Kajol more but if the big screen isn’t breaking down your door then nothing wrong with the smaller screen. Anil Kapoor doing great with 24 as an example.

    • milan227

      But Lets face it, here there is a stigma of ‘oooh she’s not successful that’s why she’s gone to the small screen.’ Or ‘the small screen is a stepping stone to the big screen.’ Also, how many of our Tv programmes can compare to 24? Or The Killing?