Kajol: It’s stupid to say one gets influenced by watching films

Thu, March 13, 2014 2:40pm IST by
Kajol: It’s stupid to say one gets influenced by watching films

The Fanaa actor was talking about ideas behind censorship guidelines

Kajol attended a special session at the 15th edition of FICCI Frames 2014 and said it’s unfair to say that one gets influenced by watching cinema.

“My kids are in front of the computer 24X7 despite having all the parental control. There is no way to stop the flow of information. The flow of information is too fast and too much. If you say one gets influenced watching a character, I think it’s foolish. Cinema reflects society, society rarely reflects cinema,” Kajol said.

She added: “Movie shows whatever happens in the society. For instance, if a hero smokes on the screen, it is because 90 percent of the country smokes and not the other way round. It’s stupid to say one gets influenced by watching on the screen.”

The session was organised in partnership with LA India Film Council. Kajol shared the dais with filmmaker Sudhir Mishra; Rakesh Kumar, CEO, Central Board of Film Certification; Filmmaker and co-chair of FICCI Ramesh Sippy and Ravi Kottarakara, President, Film Federation of India. Mishra spoke about the “No Smoking” disclaimer issue faced by the filmmakers and said: “Our only request is, do not put ‘No Smoking’ disclaimer on the frame. Put it before or after the scene because you are taking away that moment from the filmmaker.”

Kajol said if a director has shot that particular scene, then with such disclaimer “you are cutting down the creativity of the director”. Rakesh responded to their complaint saying right now he cannot comment upon it as the matter is “sub-judice in the court”. However, when Kajol asked can one change the guidelines of the Censor Board, Sippy said: “We can try and bring changes in guidelines”.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Sanam

    Aaa…excuse me. But movies do behaviour modification. They send sublime messages to the subconscious. Also includes adverts, new channel. Etc. No doubt about that. It’s scientifically proven theory.

  • Truth

    Clearly she is stupid enough not to realize that the very reason children arn’t aloud or recommended to watch adult movies is because it can have adverse affects on their developing minds. Same goes for ads, late night shows, etc. If she is complaining about how in this day and age her kids are bound to look at this flow of information, then she clearly isn’t using these parental controls to their full potential along with being a vigalent parent who is always aware what their kids are up to. Be it by limiting their online time or monitoring what they are browsing.

    I can’t fathom why idiots like her are against anti cig ads and drinking ads as it is proven they can be harmful and impressionable minds are obviously influenced by looking at such actions promoting smoking. Maybe this fool should look up some facts on how many Indians die of smoking related diseases.

  • Rajesh

    Truth is if a Smoker sees a character smoking he will feel like having a smoke himself. Then Again, when we have more number of Pan Stalls selling cigarettes than the number of Medical stores or General Stores, this would only comprise 0.5% of the reason why people would feel like smoking.

    It is easy to get a Cigarette or Gutkha but difficult to get a Bottle of Water or a Biscuit Packet