Kamaal R Khan to delete his Twitter account?

Kamaal R Khan to delete his Twitter account?

The self-proclaimed “No1 film critic” might have just accept defeat and bid adieu to his favourite hobby (read bad mouthing) on Twitter. Read on to find out who is beating KRK in his own game…

Kamaal R Khan’s recent claim to fame was his appearance in Mohit Suri’s upcoming romantic thriller Ek VillainHe even renamed himself as KRK-Ek Villain on his Twitter handle for a brief while. But looks like there is a new villain in the egocentric actor’s (for the lack of a better word) life! A Twitter handle by the name of BabyKRK has been gaining prominence. BabyKRK claims to be KRK’s father and he posts some of KRK’s most infamous and filthy tweets. Reportedly based in America, BabyKRK has even lodged a complaint against KRK in the Mumbai Cyber Cell!

When BabyKRK’s trolling tweets came to KRK’s notice he hurled profanities at the former and even challenged him to come out in the open and confront him. BabyKRK on the other hand simply challenged him to prove that his tweets are fake. In effect, an intimidated KRK started deleting his derogatory tweets probably to avoid the public ire. It was about time that someone did what was necessary by trying to put a stop to KRK’s notorious tweeting habits.We can’t explain how that gladdened our hearts!

KRK who survives on creating controversies seems to be going down and all we want is to give a medal/award or something to this BabyKRK person!

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  • Ruchi

    Glad someone came forward to show this dog his real place. I just saw babykrk handle and salute to you whoever you are Sir. Respect

    • social butterfly

      Respect u babykrk with all my heart.

  • Raghav Dave

    BabyKRK if you are his real father then you should have slept that night uncle ji…..lol anyway whoever you are man KUDOS!!!! went through your tl and this KRK is probably having nightmares of u

  • Abhi

    BABYKRK ne is Bhadwe ko iski Aukaaat Dikha di salle ko.. 2 rs lukha hai yeh sala

  • Jay

    Oye KRK your Abbu fuck u everyday and you can’t do shit.. Beta Karan Johar se shadi Mana or apne Baap se picha churra salllllleeeee chutiye

  • Priya

    Seriously babykrk hats off to you. I follow u on Twitter and everyday its getting better n better.. You have owned your son big time.. This ugly cockroach should be in his gutter..

  • Asheena

    It’s all his deeds coming in front of him. Allah will never forgive this creep. He abused my ammi and now he’s getting perfect treatment.. Good Job BABYKRK I salute you and huge respect for you. Glad that you kicked him out before too for Parliament elections

  • Sunil Samanta

    Kamaal R Khan is a such moron who love to hate others and send sexual Direct Message to innocent girl. Genious BabyKRK troll & exposed this moron. Hats off BabyKRK.