Kamaal says the K-word

The Desh Drohi actor tweets about Karan Johar’s sexuality and talks about marrying him

Kamaal R Khan aka KRK is one person in Bollywood who doesn’t mind shooting from the hip or putting his foot in his mouth, perhaps because he has nothing to lose. But this time it seems things might take an ugly turn. KRK has been as tactless as ever and wethinks he has gone way past the limits of good taste, good feeling and good sense, as he has made a statement about Karan Johar – among the most powerful people in B-town. On a social networking site KRK has made sweeping statements about the ongoing IPL 4, wondering who would win, et al. At one point the sensation-seeker was supporting Shahrukh Khan’s team, the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), but after KKR lost last night, KRK immediately shifted loyalties. Maybe it was a sudden, yet oft-seen burst of arrogance, foolishness or something else; this Khan said what is never said (especially by insiders), that too in a public forum! And we promise that we are not making this one up, but quote KRK verbatim: “And if MI will win IPL4 and I shall become Gay then I shall marry Karan Johar. It is promise.” We hear SMSes are flying around about this statement and that Johar might sue him for all the worth that his pompousness has. Wethinks it’s high time KJo puts a stop to all these stories about his sexuality; and it is more than time that someone puts a sock in the loudmouth that is Kamaal R Khan!

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