Kamal Haasan agrees to modify Vishwaroopam scenes, but film can’t release before February 6

Muslim groups pointed out four objectionable scenes in the controversial film, which Kamal Haasan has consented to delete

Veteran actor-director Kamal Haasan has agreed to modify his film Vishwaroopam following objections from certain Muslim organisations. “My Muslim brothers have written and to me and we have settled amicably. I have agreed to modify some scenes. Vishwaroopam is not an anti-Indian Muslim film, it is pro-Indian Muslim film,” he said in Chennai.

“There is no difference between me and my Muslim brothers. It is our duty to take care of them. There are four scenes that are being pointed out and I am willing to remove these scenes from the movie,” he added.

Written, produced and directed by Haasan, Vishwaroopam was banned by the Tamil Nadu government after some Muslim groups complained that the film portrayed their community in a bad light. Apart from TN, the film was banned in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Malaysia.

The Madras High Court Tuesday ruled in favour of Vishwaroopam and lifted the ban by the state government. It, however, said the administrative step was to be taken by the government. The film will not release before Wednesday, February 6.

Haasan said, “I have explored all possibilities with my Muslim brothers. Now it’s up to the court to decide. I only request the government that they maintain law and order is in place, that nothing untoward happens to my Muslim fans.”

But there are also rumours that the filmmaker is planning to approach the Supreme Court.