Kamal Haasan: I didn’t have patience to work with stars in Vishwaroopam

The cast of the veteran actor’s Vishwaroopam doesn’t boast of big names and the filmmaker says he didn’t want stars to overshadow the film

Releasing January 11, the Tamil-Hindi bilingual will see Pooja Kumar, Andrea Jeremiah and Jaideep Ahlawat playing important roles along with Kamal and Rahul Bose.

“I didn’t have patience to work with stars in the film (Vishwaroopam). As a director, I wanted to make a film that works around the schedule and not scheduled around the work,” said Kamal, who has also directed the movie. He further added: “I am not against stars. Directors like Ramesh Sippy had patience to work with stars, I don’t have that.”

Won’t you work with stars in the future? “No, it’s not like that. The film is too big and I didn’t want stars to look bigger than the film. I am a star myself, obviously I will work with stars in the future,” he clarified.

A day before its release, DTH will showcase Vishwaroopam on PPV (Pay Per View). “It is Rs 1,000 to view in Tamil and Rs 500 to view in Hindi and Telugu. We made up our mind to go ahead with Hindi and (dubbed) Telugu much later,” said Kamal. “DTH is available out there and I didn’t invent it. I only discovered it and I am happy that people are liking this idea,” he added.

Kamal assures that Vishwaroopam is primarily a Hindi film. “I want to clarify that this is primarily a Hindi film… It is a national film.”