Posted Sun, December 15, 2013 3:40pm IST

One of the strongest contenders for the top spot in Bigg Boss 7 is now out of the race!

Kamya Punjabi was touted as one of the winners of Bigg Boss 7, her eviction from show has come as a surprise to many. With enough controversies and achievements this telly vamp is satisfied with her stint inside the house and happy to be back with her daughter. Kamya was evicted from the house yesterday the actor after stepping out said, “Bigg Boss has been a turning point in my life. It helped me discover a lot of things about myself, especially when my patience was put to test. I am glad that I could achieve so much on this platform and even got an opportunity to etch my name in international history! While I wish I had survived till the very end, I am excited to meet my daughter Aara and give her a tight hug. My journey has been truly incredible and I have created friendships here that I will cherish for the rest of my life.”

After spending 13 weeks inside the the house and coming so close to the grand finale Kamya Punjabi was evicted from the show. Kamya came across as one of the most meticulous contestants in the house and would give her best in every task that came her way. Her strategy throughout the season was to keep her friends close and her enemies even closer.

When the season kicked off, Kamya entered the Jahannum part of the house where she found a dear friend in Pratyusha and Armaan. Kamya had on and off banters with Gauahar but to everyone’s surprise, she also became her closest confidant. Being an independent single mother, Kamya never appreciated anybody calling her weak or bechari in particular.

Kamya’s emotional side was evident when she missed her daughter. She created a record in this season along with Sangram Singh when she sat inside the Bigg Box for 41 hours thereby breaking an International record and setting a new milestone. With her exit she might miss the coveted price, but for the coming seasons her record would definitely be one of the most memorable moments for Ms Punjabi, of course apart from all the ‘good friends’ she made on this show.