Kangana Ranaut: Awards are not my priority!

Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut, who is winning accolades for her performance in her last release Queen, feels awards do not feature on her priority list

“There are so many award ceremonies these days, almost 15-16. You have to sit for nearly 5-6 hours for each award show, plus spend around two hours for hair and make-up. The awards cost you a lot… It gets expensive,” said Kangana.

But this does not mean that Kangana does not believe in awards. “It is not that. I think that our awards are not genuine. I have got awards for Gangster and Fashion. I think these days everyone gets an award, like there are awards for best smile and best saree, etc. It seems awards are given just for the sake of making people happy,” she said.

“I think at any given age, there are priorities that you have. Awards are not my priority,” she added. The actor has been lauded for her performance in the recently released film Queen and her next film Revolver Rani has also generated interest.

Revolver Rani is set to release on April 25.