Kangana Ranaut to have Usha Uthup’s voice!

Yes, the veteran singer with a distinct voice will stretch her vocal chords for the first time for the curly haired beauty in the latter’s forthcoming release Revolver Rani

Kangana Ranaut is riding high on the success of her widely acclaimed movie Queen. The 27-year-old is all set to don the role of a lady gangster in her forthcoming film Revolver Rani. We hear that the versatile Usha Uthup will be singing for Kangy in the film.

A secret khabroo who gives us our daily dose of news and gossip has enlightened us with this information. “Yes, Ushaji has sung the title track of Revolver Rani. We wanted someone who had a husky deep voice and who better than Ushaji to sing for us. In fact, this is the first time that she is singing for Kangana and both of them are equally happy to be associated with each other,” informed the sassy secret agent.

Well, having Usha Uthup singing the title track we are sure that the song is going to be yet another blockbuster and our ‘Queen’ star will only be excited to make that happen!