Kangna Ranaut and Paris Hilton party together

After flexing their claws at each other, Kangna and Paris let their hair down at the same party. Yet again, we are flummoxed by the strange ways of B-town!

As Paris Hilton arrived in Mumbai with much fanfare, it was not just the paparazzi that gave her all the attention – even social networking sites were flooded with comments. While some twitterati referred to her as ‘Hollywood’s Rakhi Sawant’, others cracked wonderfully sarcastic jokes about the hoity-toity socialite-turned-actor. In all the brouhaha, we discovered that Paris and Kangna Ranaut were at the same party. As Hilton played DJ and entertained the crowd with some awesome David Guetta music, we wondered if the two even thought about clearing the air and mending things between them, or whether they just hit the dance floor with a vengeance and got into a dancing face-off. Just recently we heard that Paris was all set to sue Kangna for spreading rumours that she was signed on as the face of Hilton’s fashion line in India. Kangy claimed that she had been introduced to Hilton through former beau Adhyayan Suman, who had his own comments on the matter. Now we really don’t know what the inside story is, but our imagination is taking us places that could make you blush. There are possibilities galore in this tale and we aren’t ruling out the spicy and interesting bits that make our – and your – life so much more fun.

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