Kangna Ranaut bags a Ram Gopal Varma biggie

From playing just a sidey role in Department, the Tanu Weds Manu star will now be the lead in a heroine-centric film written for her

All you Kangna Ranaut fans who were angry at Ramgopal Varma when he dropped her from Department can now chill. RGV did not let Kangs go just because there was a clash of dates with Sanjay Dutt’s movie. Oh no, there is a far deeper – though not darker – reason behind this entire drama. Want to know more? RGV was so impressed by Kangy’s performances that he decided that he would not waste her in a sidey role in his ‘boys’ movie. Instead, he specially wrote a heroine-oriented script for her. The two mutually decided that doing the new film will prove more advantageous for the actor. We are not surprised. Ramu has given her sidey role in Department to Anjana Sukhani, after all. That proves there was really no scope for histrionics. The Fashion actor can now go back to doing power-packed roles. Kangs, one thing though: It wouldn’t hurt to do something frivolous once in a while. We’ll still love you. After all, with Tanu Weds Manu, you got a new fan club. Right, guys?