Kangna Ranaut missing at ‘Rascals’ music launch

The actor was nowhere in sight at the music launch of the movie. When asked about her absence from the promotional event, lead actors Sanjay Dutt and Ajay Devgn cleverly diverted the question to the co-producer

“Kangna has some prior commitments and we also have some issues with her, which is why she’s not promoting Rascals,” said Sanjay Ahluwalia (co-producer of Rascals).  Now there are stories galore that are woven around Kangna’s disappearance act. Some say that she charged an exorbitant amount not just for donning a sexy bikini but also for the dubbing of the movie. Considering no one was willing to take Ranaut’s hoity-toity attitude, she was shown the exit door by David Dhawan and Sanjay Dutt (the director and producer of the movie). The other story that’s doing the rounds of the B-town arena is that Kangna had started to boast about her closeness with the Dutt family in order to gain publicity. It was also rumoured that she tried to malign Ameesha Patel as she was a close friend of Sanjay and Manyata. Now no one really knows what Kangna actually did to appear in the Rascal team’s bad books. All we know is that the promotions are going pretty smooth without her and her tantrums. Adding fuel to the fire, Chunky Pandey who’s also a part of the movie, appeared on stage and with a sly grin, remarked, “So where’s Kangna?” Well Kangna, all we can say is, now you know who the real rascal is!