Kangna Ranaut is in love, but will it work?

Kangna Ranaut is in love, but will it work?

She is not the first heroine to fall for a foreign guy, but we wonder how long it will last…and where it will go

Kangna Ranaut broke several hearts when she revealed recently that she is in love with a doctor. And that too, one based in England. Hmmm… what is it with our heroines and foreign guys? Aren’t Indian men any good? First it was Manisha Koirala, who dated a string of firangi ladkas – Crispin Conroy, the then Australian Ambassador to Nepal; Cecil Anthony, a London-based Nigerian businessman; and Christopher Dorris, a sports counselor… whew. Then there was Preity Zinta, who dated Lars Kjeldsen. It didn’t work out and Lars wed Suchitra Pillai in the end. And don’t forget Celina Jaitley. The model-turned-actor dated Bill Cusack and later California-based Sean Teague, before she finally wed Dubai-based Austrian businessman Peter Haag earlier this year. Celina is probably the only one who has actually married her firang boyfriend. While we hope it works for her (it is early days yet), we can’t forget how Preity’s and Manisha’s relationships with foreign guys did not work. So will Kangna’s fate reflect that of Preity and Manisha? Or will she go the Celina way? We wait to watch…



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  • don

    dont generalise.zinta will always have failed relationships because she is a very bad person and totally opposite of the image she shows. so every ex of hers will move on and be married but she will sit there begging them to remain friends like some w*ore. she is not marriagematerial.

    • genie

      Kanagna, Zinta, Lamba, Basu, all come from small obscure towns and most are runaway bad girls who have promoted casting couch etc to get a few roles. They are so wild in their lifestyles getting into drugs and rehabs, multiple live in relationships, one night stands but very categorically will say they are single and not dating. These women are the pits

  • celebs

    Remember Bollywood women come from very troubled homes with no family life so it matters not whether the guys they are with are white or black as long as they are loaded and can buy them their shoes and bags! Manisha is stupid – she had some face features and could last in the industry for her face but there she went down with that Bohemian lifestyle. Kangna did not know English and she is with an Englishman? Zinta has been with Brett, Lars and come to think of it even Chatwal who is not an Indian.

  • babuji

    Kangna- Have u ever seen those hores standing near VT station in blouses? If u want to be like them and desperately show ur b*obs wear a dress please dont ruin the sari.It is theIndian dress of dignity – leave it so!