Kangna Ranaut is worried for Mumbai!

The Krrish 3 actor is worried about the sorry state of the island city. Read on to know what is troubling Kangy about Mumbai

It’s been more than seven years since Kangna Ranaut came to the city of dreams, Mumbai, with her heart filled with ambitions to make it big in the world of Bollywood. Today, the 27-year-old has established herself and is self made. Mumbai has given Kangy name, fame and the lifestyle of a star, but the actor has her fair concerns about the island city. “I am worried for Mumbai. Here infrastructure is very poor. Traffic is increasing by the minute. There are more people in the city now, there are so many refugees. I see poor people giving birth to babies on the road. There are hungry people on the road everywhere. Your heart does go out to them,” said Kangna.

So does the style diva feel uncomfortable in the city and does she not like it anymore? “There’s no reason why I would not like Mumbai. I like the city and that’s why I worry about it. Like any responsible citizen, I request people not to litter around and spit,” explained the Krrish 3 actor

We at BollywoodLife second Kangna’s opinion and also hope that being Mumbaikars and being the citizens of the country we make an effort and give our best to make the city a happier and much cleaner place to live.