Kangna Ranaut to take over Kareena’s size zero title?

The Tanu Weds Manu actor is on a weight loss program. But, does she have any extra kilos to knock off in the first place?

Our informant well-placed in the closed circles of Bollywood has revealed to us that the curly-haired Kangna Ranaut is toiling very hard for her super girl part in Krrish 2. And quite literally! She is on a diet to lose every gram of fat from her already skinny body. Why, you ask? She has to get into body-hugging, tight-fitted leather pants and bodysuits for her villainous act in the superhero adventure flick. But, we wonder, does Kangna have any fat to lose? From the time she entered Bollywood, she has had one of the finest figures – unlike several of her contemporaries who get into shape after joining tinsel town. In fact, her athletic body made her a favourite among designers. Apart from receiving accolades for her acting skills, she was awed for making heads turn in those out of the ordinary evening gowns. Something only a great body can carry off! So, we seriously worry what will happen to Kangna’s physical well being after the weight loss programme. Hope she doesn’t disappear into thin air! Or is she aspiring to step into Kareena Kapoor’s sandals to be the new size zero queen? Then, it’s a bad idea, ‘coz the original holder of the title too has gone back to her curves. Meanwhile, we are told Kangna has company from Hrithik Roshan and Vivek Oberoi in the gruelling experience. They too, like her, are following a strict fitness regimen for their roles in the superhero flick! We hope with two good-looking men for company, Kangs is not complaining!