Karan Johar: birthday bumps

The filmmaker turned 39 today, but wishes someone would make him 30 again!

Bechara Karan Johar. He hates birthdays. A few years ago, when he turned 35, he threw himself a party to celebrate his own depression, as he said then. He had just started colouring his hair to hide the grey at the time. Then time marched on and the director’s 37th birthday loomed. And he told the media that he is afraid of looking older and, to make things worse, younger men make him go a nice shade of green with envy. For that occasion, only a party would do the trick and make him feel better, so Karan threw a lavish bash for the people who mattered in his life. And today, bright and early in the morning, the papers announced that the man whose name is not Khan was not feeling in the mood for a celebration because he turned 39, that one tiny step towards the dreadfully irreversible age of 40! KJo plans to watch the Kolkata Knight Riders match with buddies Shahrukh and Gauri Khan at their home and then, if KKR win, have a little celebration. And he told a tabloid, “I don’t want any birthday wishes, but can someone please make me 30 again?” There is some joy for Karan where birthdays are concerned though – he loves the presents!