Karan Johar defends Gauri Khan, hits back at Priyanka Chopra!

Karan Johar defends Gauri Khan, hits back at Priyanka Chopra!

As a diehard Shahrukh Khan loyalist, KJo doesn’t take kindly to the indirect digs allegedly made by PC at his self-appointed brother’s wife

We were probably the first ones to tell you that Priyanka Chopra is zooming up the list of B-town’s socially blacklisted actors and we were not wrong at all, judging by what we heard just a few minutes ago. There have been rumours about her closeness to Shahrukh Khan, which have been annoying his wife and Piggy has gone around town trying to deny the allegations. Perhaps she finally got tired of defending herself all the time during every media interaction, and so she has apparently confided in her friends, who sided with her – all of which made its way into the tabloids.

An associate-cum-friend of PC believes that a powerful clique of star wives (read: Gauri Khan and gang) is behind this spate of anti-Priyanka stories. The friend was quoted saying “Priyanka has done nothing wrong. If these women are insecure about their relationships with their husbands, they should sort it out with them, at home. Why should they attack her?”

Now we hear that these tidbits have angered the usually chilled out KJo, who has so far kept himself out of catfights. Defending best bud Gauri he tweeted, “Using their hired PR machinery and hiding behind so called “friends” to get news into tabloids is nothing but spineless and lame!!!” He quickly added, “Some people need to wake up and smell the KOFFEE!!! Get a reality check before its too late!!! Grow up!!! and dont mess with goodness…” It sounds like a direct swipe at the pretty PC, especially considering the timing of all this hoo-ha.

Wethinks it is high time Priyanka takes Karan’s warning seriously or she will soon be out of alliances in filmbiz, so essential to keep a career in movies buzzing. What is the point in messing with the biggest star of B-town…or his close friends and family?

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  • babe

    Stop hating on ma gal PC, n I thk Karan Johar shd stop been 2 gay n leave ma idol alone,

    • lchee52

      karan johar sounds and acts like a woman!!!!

  • a person

    Where is SRK in all this? Why not yell at him?

    And it is hypocritical for Karan Johar to speak out against using PR to make news. Didn’t he and SRK conspire to create all that rubbish at the Newark Airport before My Name is Khan was released?

  • Poetry

    Thank you for any other wonderful article. Where else may just anyone get that type of info in such a perfect means of writing? I’ve a presentation next week, and I am on the search for such info.

  • usha

    What is he more upset about ? PC messing with Gauri’s man or PC messing with his man.Somethng to think about eh!lol

  • Sali

    It is what it it! Piggy is a man eater!!! Hahahaha stupid girl…Beauty can’t get you everything! He gave you a poke get over it, and keep it moving

  • Shilpa Chaudhry

    KJo is an idiot. It hasn’t been proven that PC and Srk had an affair, and it’s definitely not fair that she’s being made out to be the villain in the tabloids. SRK is the one with a wife and children, so he is the one who should be held accountable. Gauri and the rest of the “starwives” can go **** themselves!

    • sweetsoul

      all those gossip tabloid must be out of business. because they do nothing except poisoning people’s mind, carreer and lives. priyanka is one of the finest actor and its not fair to spread rumours which has no base at all. Also,she delivers what people expect from her and as an actor she has done a wonderfull job.

  • jne

    thanks Karan keep up ur brothership with sharukh and protect Gauri who is laksmi meant for him Great job to keep a nasty like priyanka away I have never liked her for what reason i dont know.She looks like a old person now

  • iHatePC

    pc is a vamp

    • smartdog

      Pc is as hot as a volcano lava ..Smoking Hot !! ppl like gauri khan is guilty concious that she is too ugly to compare herself to gorgeous priyanka are just disgusting !! And those who hate Priyanka are nothing but pathetic losers and have serious issues on their brain !!!!!

  • l love Piggy Chopra

    go 2 H E L L karen n gauri watever, if u are insure of urself don’t blame ur hubby”s friends like ma idol PC, she was just a big fan of ur hubby n i bet u couldn’t compete with her beauty n if u felt she was 2 close 2 ur hubby u could hv confront both srk n ma sexy idol, rather than sending ur friends or ur other ugly star wives friends 2 send it 2 the media, dat wasn’t faIR 2 ma star PC, rem u are a trophy wife n its aabt time u understand the kind of job ur hubby does n stop been insure ur hubby loves u n ur lovely kids, as of u karen stop been a woman, way am i saying u already gay

  • farnesol

    oh baby u look so hot. i think kjo wants u too but can never get u. ha ha ha

    • smartdog

      Yucky… ! Priyanka will give him a hard beating with her heels till he forgets his name is gay karan..ha ha

  • farnesol

    if srk dissappears tomorrow, mrs trophy willno longer be remembered or hv cash to spend if she doesnt handle her resources well. but pc is internationally n nationally recognized n will still kp up the moolah. so mrs gauri, concentrate on ur husband fully n the rest of the family n stop trying to run her down. she is still sizzling with all her wins this year n many more to conquer. i bet gauri n her star friends will shrink with envy after pc realese her album later this year. gay kjo, stop hating on pee cee, she didnt meant to snatch ur he-girlfriend from u.

  • Sindhiya

    in my point of view kjo n gauri have done the best thing possible. How can pc even declare the crush in the media, why can’t see hang out with unmarried friends when she knows srk is married. Why become a barrier in other’s married life. Mind ur busimess women. I love srk and I know he will get out of this mess soon.

    • smartdog

      Priyanka was a fan of srk and I guess that’s the biggest mistake she did. But gauri khan is too scared that srk will fall for priyanka’s innocent beauty and go around spreading nasty rumours with her gay partner none other than dick head karan johar…

  • Mary..

    Stop this nonsense plz,these are just rumors.they r friends.

  • Alok

    Pryanka & srk looks soo good together….. I love this extramarrital affair…. Go ahead buddy

  • Lavender Fields

    Why should Gauri and Priyanka be at logger heads when infact Sharuk is bisexual or gay. It was arranged from the start..marriage family will be his main topic and for the past 15 years he has been talking about how much he loves Gauri, making love etc etc…etc.
    I think this is just a publicity stunt.

  • Melissa

    Piggy Chops always envied SRK to be honest. It’s like she’s always ready to jump into bed with him. Those who are saying KJo and Gauri is jealous of her success and want to bring down are totally wrong because if it was that case, they should have done that to all actresses who acted with SRK. Priyanka is the one to blame her, bloody homewrecker

  • archana

    whose coy bride is katrinakaif anyways. after being presented as salmankhan,s to be bride for the past 10yrs, the promos of jthj are leaving no stone unturned to present her as mrs srk. the aging srk is proving to be very flirtatiousto the viewers at large. what must his wife and children be going through.gaurikhan should seek legal help to make stringest clauses to work with her hubby if she wants to continue as the mrs srk.if the aging srk finds it difficult to go easy on possessiveness, then the family of srk should seriously ponder to the sort of roles for srk . the indian viewers are possessive of their heros only to be of help in the timed of crisis, not else. the srk household should wake up to some hard realities as the aging possessive srk. be careful gaurikhan. all the best.

  • archana

    in a recent promotional episode of jthj ,srk was all prasies for katrinakaif,shameleesly ignoring miss anushkasharma.the trailors of jthj have proved miss anuskhasharma as a lot better performer than the very deceitful coy mrskatrinakaifkhan. the role of anushkasharma is so refreshing that people are already prepared to view only the segment of the film starring srk and miss . a.sharma rather than the whole film.gaurikhan if the stupendous past success of ur hubby deters u from letting ur hubby flirt with women outside marriage, then gaurikhan ur are graveously wrong. there are millions more successful than ur husband,at the same time maintaining the conservative chasity of a married household. gaurikhan ur faltering alot on the household front. for ur children,s sake shed of the ecastasy of srk,s success and be wide awake to the realities of life. ur throne as the mrs kingkhan of bollywood is vascillating like a ping pong ball.why. millions have roared along with the roaring kingkhan,primarily as odes to his monogamous marriagehood. what,s wrong now. my entire community has been an integral part of the roaring salutation chorus of kingkhan and it is unnerving to see a very very shameless flirtatious kingkhan now.wakeup gaurikhan.all the best.

  • archana

    aapko aur apke poore parivar ko mangalmay deepawali ki shubhkamaneye.an earnest and a humble request to all the almighty that this new year bring marital bliss to u and overall wellbeing to ur family and ur husband shahrukhan.deepwali ki bahut bahut babhai aap sabko. jai mahalakshmi ji ki.

  • archana

    gaurikhan u look fabulous when traditionally dressed in full galore.what a lovely couple u and srk are in the best of the fineries especially with sindoor adorning u’. whenever u are traditionally dressed in ur family album, i feel something missing.it is the extension of ur family meaning little suhana to have another sibling besides aryaan.i sincerely wish that at this stage of ur lives srk and u should get seroius about having babies to put to rest the turmoil of ur relationships forever. what would an ardous hardworking person like srk want at the end of the day except booobooo,s of his babies. comeon gaurikhan ,one humble request i have put across to u and i pray to almighty that u and srk will not disappoint my request. comeon both of u. so shall i start looking up for some babies names.god bless ur family.so impressive is ur traditional family album that it should take a leap of new babies often.

  • archana

    many congrats for the morrocco felicitation of srk.some of his past films still ring a refreshing tone to every heart and hopefully srk will continue doing the good work.all the best.

  • archana

    it is very deploreable of srk and gaurikhan to not support the ongoing protests in delhi against the gangrape incident . both srk and gaurikhan have stood as the apostle of women,s rights yet as of today they are as meek as a mouse to raise their concerns for the most barbaric crime nationally. where and why are srk and gaurikhan hiding now. please answer to the nation srk and gaurikhan for your dubious coyness. shame upon u both.

  • archana

    congrats for the recent kkr win in the ongoing ipl contest.that calls for a major treat of chilled mangoshakes and fresh fruit punch gateau cakes. the chief srk is known for his fondess for lavish treats; so very naturally the mouth waters for every kkr win.

  • archana

    health is wealth. take good care of your hubby.you should refrain your hubby from performing high voltage action sequences. please be very careful . all the best.getting injured frequently and getting surgeries done is not a play, especially at this age.there is lots to tender, romantic cinema in india than stunts.

  • lol

    & she comes up with Marry Kom. SRK is disgusting… wht a world no fingers point at te guy… always blame the gurl first… n i dont even like PC

  • Sarifa

    Agree SRK is a disgusting man any way you look at it and Gauri Khan how come you don’t see her in public with the so called King any more