Karan Johar: Shahrukh Khan is not my best friend

The Student of the Year director shares about the respect he has for Shahrukh Khan

“I met Shah Rukh first, but Gauri was always my friend. With him (Shahrukh) it was never friendship, but reverence. Gauri was my pal, my friend, my lifeline and nothing can ever change that. With Shah Rukh, there is always a line that you do not cross as you would not with your elder brother. If he walks into a room, I stand up and I will not sit till he sits. I will never call him if I don’t like a film. If I like his film I gush. I don’t give him opinions, I hear his. I don’t give him advice, I listen to his. It’s a one-way relationship. I nod in approval and am very respectful of him. He and my father were friends and they had a connection.”

– Karan Johar