Karan Sharma: My dad is a big fan of Poonam Dhillon!

He is sweet, down to earth and believes that Ekk Nayi Pehchaan has taught him a few things

Karan Sharma seems a little nervous but don’t be fooled by his demeanour. The actor loves the camera and has fallen in love with his character. He talks about playing Karan Modi, his off screen equation with Krystle D’Souza, his dad’s craze for Poonam Dhillon and more

Explain your character in Ekk Nayi Pehchaan.

I play the character of Karan Modi. He belongs from a well to do Gujarati family. Though he wants to something in life, he isn’t able to much due to lack of clarity. His father wants him to accomplish things in life and be successful, but before he can achieve anything he is forced to marry someone he does not know or love. It’s his struggle to come to terms with his marriage and then fall in love.

Krystle D’Souza is already a big name in the industry. How does it feel working with her?

When I met Krystle, I felt she was amazing. She is very down to earth and has no airs about being a lead from a very popular show. She is very chilled out in real life!

Poonam Dhillon is a legendary actor from Bollywood. Was it difficult bonding with her?

When I heard Poonam Dhillonji was playing my mother I was taken aback. It is an honour to work with such a veteran actor from Bollywood. It’s a big thing for me. My dad is a huge fan of the actor; when he came to know she is playing my mother he couldn’t believe it.

Does it affect you that the whole focus of the show is on your wife Sakshi and mother Sharda?

No, it does not affect me in anyway. Sharda- my mom is handling her family and I am her son. The problems she faces ‘coz of her son is a major portion of the track too.

Is there any similarity between your onscreen relationship with your mother and your real life mom?

Frankly, this happens in a lot of family. Like in my real life family, my mother is not too educated. She studied only till the second grade. She couldn’t pursue her studies ‘coz my grand dad passed away and she had to leave school to make sure that her brothers got the education. This story is somewhat connected to a lot of real life stories. I can relate with this ‘coz I know the hardships my mom went through.

Did the show change your thinking in any way?

I feel the story is very good and if we can educate the elders and encourage them to study it would be a great thing. There is no age for learning. It changed my idea of education and the need for it.

The story is inspired from a play and as TV serials go, it will change as per TRPs. Do you think the story will lose focus?

As of now, they have planned the story in parallel. The story is not only about one person’s identity. How everyone from this family will eventually showcase a new identity from the things they learn in life. Like Karan will eventually make a new identity along with his wife and mother. So I do not think it will lose focus.