Karan Singh Grover, Mohit Raina or Vivian DSena: Which actor has the sexiest body in tellyland?

Fri, April 11, 2014 1:26pm IST by
Posted Fri, April 11, 2014 1:26pm IST

If you have it, then flaunt it seems to be the new mantra in tellyland! ‘Coz TV actors don’t miss a chance to show off their six-packs. So take a look at these droolworthy hunks and tell us who manages to impress you on going shirtless

While Salman Khan’s movie would be incomplete if he didn’t take off his shirt to flaunt his oh-so-hot body, there are many TV actors whose TV shows would be incomplete if they didn’t feature shirtless. Be it Mohit Raina from Devon Ke Dev… Mahadev or Karan Singh Grover who was popular as Asad from Qubool Hai, they have bared it all for the small screen. Most of these actors send girls in a frenzy when they go shirtless showing off their well-toned bodies. Just like the B-townies, the tellyland actors too spend hours in the gym to work on their perfectly carved physique. So it’s not surprising that they don’t miss a chance to drop off their clothes. Be it in bed, or just out of the shower, we’ve seen these macho men shirtless on numerous occasions. So let’s take a look at each of these actors and decide who is the Salman Khan of tellyland…

Karan Singh Grover: The Qubool Hai actor seems to be a fitness freak and he has shown off his hot bod in Dill Mill Gayye as well as Qubool Hai. His female fan following is on a rise despite reports about his attitude issues. This actor has stolen hearts of many thanks to his brooding looks and sexy body. When this Salman Khan of small screen walks out of a show, the TRPs drop and everybody including journos who report this news get hate mails from his die-hard fans. BollywoodLifers, do you think Karan has the hottest body?

Mohit Raina: Having played Indian God Lord Shiva in Devon Ke Dev… Mahadev, he is the Greek God of small screen. His looks have been so talked about that even Priyanka Chopra’s maasi was smitten by him. Such is Mohit’s charm on the ladies that PeeCee’s aunt  felt he was the perfect groom for the Exotic babe. Of course the tellygod has flaunted his six pack abs and he could have any girl eating out of his palms with a body like that. So, is Mohit‘s heavenly body your pick?

Vivian DSena: His character in Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon is not that of a perfect lover boy. In fact, even in his earlier serial Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani, he played a dishy dude but again not the Mr perfect. And yet he has girls vying for his attention. All thanks to his good looks! And if you have ever seen him shirtless on the small screen, boy, he is bound to leave you speechless…

Gurmeet Choudhary: Well, he is another hot God from telly land. Be it Ramayan, Geet – Hui Sabse Parayi or Punar Vivah, Gurmeet has girls crazy about him. And that, despite being married to his Ramayan co-star. He has gone shirtless on the small screen and there’s no denying his sex appeal, hai na?

Siddharth Shukla: He perfectly fits the description of tall, dark and handsome. The Balika Vadhu actor can make you go weak in your knees if he chooses to show off his six packs. On one occasion, when he tried to save Anandi from drowning in the serial Balika Vadhu, we, like you were drooling over his body visible through a wet white unbuttoned shirt. If it were a crime to look so hot, he’d be behind the bars for sure! Not to forget he is now going to take on Bollywood heroes.

Gautam Rode: The Saraswatichandra actor made a tantalising entry into the serial by showing off his bare-torso in waist-deep water. He certainly had girls going crazy over him with an entry like that. His gym-toned body is praiseworthy and he certainly leaves us wanting for more. What about you? Is Saras the ultimate sex symbol of small screen?

Vikas Manaktala: The Main Naa Bhoolungi actor’s character may have turned negative. So much that his landlady actually got scared of him and asked him to vacate the apartment. But that doesn’t affect his female fans. When he bares his sinewy body, he certainly has many swooning around him, hai na?

Ruslaan Mutaz: He won our hearts as a cute lover boy in his first film itself, MP3 – Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar. But he grabbed all our attention when he went the Ranbir Kapoor way on small screen. In Kehta Hai Dil Jee Le Zara, we have seen Ruslaan’s hot body and we’ve seen him Saawariya style in a towel. While his cute smile by itself can win hearts, his body just adds to his hotness…

Karanvir Bohra: This actor looks more of a villain than a hero. But he has a body to die for. We saw him flaunting it in Dil Se Di Dua… Saubhagyavati Bhava?. While his character evoked hatred, his body is sure to have won love from many.

Mrunal Jain: We have seen Mrunal Jain shirtless in Uttaran more than once. Be it behind the closed bedroom doors or outdoors, a shirtless Mrunal makes the show worth watching. Wink, wink!

Ashish Sharma: We have seen the Rangrasiya actor’s intense looks and bare body are the perfect combo to have us glued to the TV. So if the showmakers want higher TRPs, all they need is a l’il skin show. Not from their female lead but from the male lead. Don’t you agree?

Mohit Malik: Seen as Samrat Singh Rathore in Doli Armaano Ki, we’ve seen Mohit shirtless. He might not be numero uno in terms of his body, but he is blessed with good looks…

Well, of course there are many more from the tellyland who have dared to bare and haven’t lost an opportunity to go bare-bodied for the cameras. However, these are the ones who caught our attention. So BollywoodLifers, you tell us, who do you think is the Salman Khan of tellyland, only in terms of body, of course. Vote now!

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  • unknown

    karan singh grover

  • nikki

    definitely ksg. hottest body and LOOKS!

  • rhea

    Karan singh grover is the hottest sex symbol, no doubt about that. <3

  • tweety

    KSG who else :)

  • Amarjit

    KSG always no doubt….

  • supriya

    karan sing grover only

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  • Suhani

    Ruslaan Mumtaz for sure…
    Ya its true his smile is killer n his body adds to the hotness. <3 :*

  • S.A Anand

    of course KSG

  • arjun singh

    Why Rajbeer Singh from Adventures Of Hatim missed

  • Zee

    I’m an Ashish Sharma fan :)

  • shreya chauhan

    nobody can match up the level that karan singh grover has reached in tellywood…for me he definitely is the hottest guy in the world !!!

  • minnie

    Gurmeet Choudhary hottest

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Chidambaram and Raghuram Rajan made India a beggar and slave at the G-20 urging “advanced nations, like the US, to take heed of countries vulnerable to the stimulus withdrawal” and “advanced nations must recognise the impact of their monetary policy decisions on other economies and “be prepared to act if things get out of kilter” “. Why? Because “The reduction in stimulus, known as tapering, may affect capital flows to emerging markets and impact their currencies”. Why do you want to give ownership and control of India to foreign enemies when India has all the investment capital it wants by simply printing the money which is what the U.S. is doing stealing my proposal about money — see ‘How India’s Economy Can Grow 30% Per Year or More’ : HowIndiasEconomyCanGrowDOTblogspotDOTcom ? These filthy niggers Manmohan Singh and Raghuram Rajan must also be whipped and hanged along with filthy niggers Amartya Sen, Subramanian Swamy — who were both brought to Harvard and one of them given a Nobel prize expressly to provide cover for the crimes against me — and anyone else in public life you can think of. It is not too late to whip and hang filthy niggers Vajpayee and George Fernandes both of whom have been faking illness and an inability to speak to avoid answering questions about their participation in the CIA’s crimes against me. Nor is it too late to whip and hang filthy nigger Ram Jethmalani, who was also brought to Harvard to provide cover for crimes against me and rewarded with a half a million dollar per year law practice and filthy nigger L. K Advani who, while Home Minister, was brought, under pain of being prosecuted for the Babri Masjid demolition, to C.I.A. Headquarters to make India’s Home Ministry a participant in the C.I.A.’s crimes against me. Filthy nigger Kejriwal wants to provide a few services at lower rates but my proposal about money shows how to provide all goods and services free of charge to everyone. Filthy nigger M. Karunanidhi should be whipped and hanged; he was having Indian currency printed in China with the help of the Reserve Bank of India chief to provide some freebies to the people of Tamil Nadu as I described in my press releases but kept the crimes against me covered up otherwise everything could be provided free of charge to everyone in India. Filthy nigger Jayalalitha should be whipped and hanged for saying she has a vision for India but keeping quiet about the crimes against me because of which India will remain poor, weak and enslaved despite her vision. The filthy niggers that are India’s Supreme Court judges should be whipped and hanged for participating in CIA-RAW’s crimes against me and India by claiming to have lost the papers of a lawsuit I filed after duly acknowledging it as a front page lead report in New York’s News India-Times described two decades ago. I have described RAW’s trafficking of Indian children to Israel to be used as food — RAWsTraffickingOfIndianChildrenDOTblogspotDOTcom — and said that “The Jews’ fondness for human flesh is far easier sated on Indians than on those around them. Thousands of missing children from India end up in Israeli kitchens and it costs them less than goat meat … When the Congress Party president and her son spent a number of days in Switzerland recently [in 2011] taking care of their black money there, they were told in no uncertain terms by the Jewish bankers that their ability to keep their black money hidden depended on the continuation of the trafficking of Indians for food. Both the Congress Party president and her son had to partake of such food with their bankers to seal the agreement”. I have also described the torture and killing of the children so their skins can be made into shoes and handbags. The above state of affairs cannot be changed except by India’s nuclear forces simultaneously destroying Washington, New York, RAW headquarters, South Block and North Block which they must do without delay, with a warning that additional U.S. cities will be destroyed, with nuclear warheads already emplaced in them, if there is any retaliation or sign of retaliation. It is important for Pakistan’s media to inform the world about this so no one will think the nuclear explosions in New Delhi were caused by Pakistan and for Russian media to inform the world about this so no one will think the nuclear explosions in Washington and New York were caused by Russia. Regardless of what Pakistan and Russia do, India’s nuclear forces are putting India in grave danger and committing suicide by not obeying Satish Chandra and triggering the warheads. Russia and the U.S. can destroy the other but will be destroyed in return but India can destroy the U.S. without being destroyed.


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