Karan Singh Grover to make a comeback in Qubool Hai post leap

Karan Singh Grover to make a comeback in Qubool Hai post leap

The actor apparently apologised for making an untimely error and putting the show in jeopardy

A few months back Karan Singh Grover walked out of the popular Zee TV show – Qubool Hai stating that he had health issues and wanted to take a back seat from doing daily soaps. This decision did not go down well with the channel and they claimed that the actor was unprofessional. KSG made his point in an interview explaining his side of the story.

The channel and Four Lions Films brought in Raqesh Vashisth to replace Karan as Asad in Qubool Hai. While the actor was good at what he does usually, fans of the show did not take it well. They demanded that their original Asad should be brought back to the show. Fans tweeted, mailed, called up and harassed everyone from the channel, show and even us reporters to bring Karan back on the show. Well, looks like all their demands and requests have finally worked.

According to a khabroo, Karan had a tête-à-tête with the head honchos of the channel where the hero apologised for quitting the show. And the makers agree that getting Karan back will boost the TRPs to a great extent.

So post the 20 year leap fans will get to see their favourite AsYa – Asad and Zoya (Surbhi Jyoti) romancing each other onscreen.

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  • Salman Karisma FC

    ohh KSG apologised?? hahaha!! Stop using him for free publicity!

  • XYZ

    April Fool eh :D

  • Kannika Kabhian

    Not Funny at all!! :/

  • zoya

    Is ksg really comin back in qubool hai be serious i want him back for de 20 years leap

  • Shayeri89


  • Athira Mohandas

    wat is this nonsense……wats gng on…..is this true…very hard to beleive…they make us confuse with several articles….

  • Tayeba ahmad

    Sure he did, in parsaphash he said he’ll bever come back so how could he change his mind within 24 hours

  • Sudha

    what nonsence, he himself confirmed that he will never comeback to QH. bye the way why would KSG apologise to them??? your article making me laugh ha ha ha……

  • Salam Pti

    Shayeri89 I agree too.

  • Swapno

    ha ha haha…Joke of the year…From where you get these news?? !! Just hilarious…

  • Nikki

    While I would love for KSG to be back, ( but I have nothing against RaQesh, he was great as well ) and would love to believe this news but it seems unlikely. After all it seems as if the channel was on the wrong side and not him so I see no reason for him to apologize.
    Although one can always wish.

  • fiza ayub

    ya that’s gr8 actually we want ksg back in qubool hai surbhi is incomplete without karan singh grover

  • rahul kumar singh

    hey karan gul khan ke sath kabhi kaam mat karna

  • Susuri

    Ksg apologized?? For what?? It was channel’s mistake…..stop fabricating false stories!!
    Now that he’d refused to play the next lead….what will u say??
    And for your kind information….fans didn’t harass anyone….they demanded what was right!! It was the channel and their representatives who banged phones and refused to talk politely to the viewers.
    And please in your further articles don’t mention raqesh vashisth as an actor….it kinda looks like a joke!,

  • Princess123

    guys they posted it on april 1 that means it’s april fools day , so it must meen that they are trying to fool us





  • zoya

    I want asad and zoya back there should be a big twist that they both are alive and living somewhere else. I want them back pl pl pl pl do that big twist I am sure this big twist will increase the trp of QH