Karan Wahi enters ‘Kuch Toh Log Kahenge’

Karan Wahi enters ‘Kuch Toh Log Kahenge’

As the chocolate boy of television enters the new adaptation of the Pakistani serial Dhoop Kinare, we are not sure if this is the kind of twist we wanted on the show right now

Mohnish Behl and Kritika Kamra play the protagonists on the show, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge. Their characters are very much in love, but are afraid of confessing their feelings to each other. Sans the irritating background music after every scene and the mushy melodrama, the show was pretty much travelling along the right track. Just when we were all set to forgive the slow pace and forget the hamming, a new twist transpired. The person hired at the moment to add the much required spice is none other than Karan Wahi, the fresh-faced youngster who became quite a rage among teenyboppers when he first appeared on a show called Remix on Star One. Also known for his role as the cute doctor in Dill Mill Gaye, Mr Wahi continued to primarily concentrate on TV by participating in reality shows and performing at award functions. Apropos the new conflict taking place in Kuch toh…, the heroine (Dr Nidhi) is highly disappointed at being dismissed from her job by boss Mohnish Behl and all she does is cry or mope the whole day. Now obviously everyone needs a friend-consoler-substitute for making a lover jealous, and if a handsome stranger (Karan) enters the story by almost toppling over in front of your car, even better! Now however clichéd the concept may seem, telly viewers have to bear with the redundant eye candy and they may even enjoy the charming young man creating happy chaos in the medical world. Amidst all this, one thing that gets clear in our heads is that raising TRPs is like taking candy from a baby in the telly world!

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  • manju roy

    Sony TV and Mr Wahi can just not do this to us . We will not watch (and there are many of us

    Sony TV and the producers of KTLK can not just do this to us . We feel terribly cheated and let down by them . We (there are many of us)Will never watch Sony Serials again and those produced by this production house if they are so insensitive to our contribution to the success of a serial .This was the best serial on air on any channel leave alone Sony.You must realise that it reached this level because of the subtlety of Mohnish,s performance . Romance does not mean holding hands etc . He was able to say so much just with his mannerisms and eyes . It is shocking that you want to remove him because he does not want to hold hands (if that is true )That really is a juvenile decion . And Mohnish is right if He does not want to behave cheap on screen as he is capable of depicting feeling without physical contact . He has his mother,s acting abilities and it was so nice to watch him on sreen – sophiticated , suave ,dignified , . Can not think of any other actor who can emote so powerfully without having to touch the female lead .I for one appreciated that he did not need to do it and still convey such powerful emotions. NO OTHER ACTOR WILL BE ABLE TO DO SO . It better to end the show than to replace him . Regarding his back problem – In this day and age it cannt be a reason to quit – there can be a break (you can put him Kotnis recuperating after the accident that you have created ) The sections where he had viral and fracture were deftly handled and delightfully woven in to the story and so Romantic and also comic . The creative team cannot be so jaded as to continuosly replace actors after plastic surgery. Or send him to London for treatment so he gets a long break to rest .DONT take us for idiots and take decions keeping only your interest in mind . All your other serials (including BALH) pale in comparision. )Great going Mohnish if you have quit because you do not want to be cheap as even Ram kapoor is beingmade to do . We will support you and quit watching KTLK . I am ok wathing it again on youtube rather than see Anuj replace you . It will never be the same . How did Dhoop kinare become such a success without them getting ppppppppppppphysical


    • Manel Kandanearatchi

      I agree to Manju Roys Comments. I was watching this show 3 4 times a day when Mohnish was acting and I gave up watching after Mohnish left.now I watch the past episodes (Mohnish) on computor again and again This was my first Indian TV drama