Karanvir Bohra to quit Saubhagyavati Bhava

Karanvir Bohra to quit Saubhagyavati Bhava

Karanvir Bohra walks out of Dil Se Di Dua…Saubhagyavati Bhava as the makers of the show get ready for a seven-year leap

Fans of Viraj Dobriyal from Dil Se Di Dua… Saubhagyavati Bhava may be in for an unpleasant surprise as the actor plans to quit the show and discontinue playing his much acclaimed negative character.

Karanvir Bohra, who had become an audience favourite with his act as the crazy, wife-beating antagonist in Saubhagyawati Bhava, plans to quit playing the character as he is unhappy with the seven-year leap that the show is taking. Karan believes that the time leap is a gimmick introduced by the creators of the show to garner more interest.

The actor recently said in an interview as saying that he doesn’t mind playing an older character and would even prepare for it to the best of his abilities, provided he is convinced that that the time leap is justified. He also said he saw the whole thing was nothing but a stunt to add more twists to the shows current track. Earlier too, Karanvir had quit the top rated show Kasauti Zindagi Ki based on a similar issue!

Will the makers relent to the popular actor’s demands or will the show actually move ahead without him? Tell us what you think!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • darshan

    Its a humble request 2 d director of dil se di dua… Saubhagyavati bhav… Dat sir, plzz agree 2 karanvir sir’s demands coz he is d hearthrobb of your show……

    If his character is nt der, ur show wll nt last for more days……..

    Plzz, plz, plz, plz, plz,plz,plz,plz……….


    agree with you.viraaj is the most popular character.he is much superior to any bollywood actor.Life Ok runs through the TRP of saubhagavati bhava’s.and saubhagavati bhava’s runs through viraaj.to the directors.what! Are you guys thinking!! You guys are planning for a seven years leap without viraaj? You can’t last for two days without viraaj!
    Think for a while.a life without karanvir??
    The most popular among everyone.

  • bbb

    No they cant move without him he is our favrit

  • Alia

    Karanvir is the soul of this show without him how they are gona run the show:(

  • Parii

    Well I’m agree with his decision,they really ruin viraj charcter nothng has left for viraj with this crap new story,they totally ignore his chartter nothng has revieal from his past life and the main important thing is he was the main lead ati hero from the 1st epi.and now they turn him in negative/villian and introduce another actor and this guy(raghav aka harshan chpra)really ruin the show so its better for karanvir he quit the show,.hope he will return soon in other good show

  • shubham

    i think karanveer have to continue..the show
    he is the perfect in viraj character no.one can replace karanveer in this show…
    karanveer bohra is my fav.in all the actors

    go.. karanveer go…
    u should have to continuee the show..for your fans..plss mr.perfect…dont leave the show..or ll not watch that show any more..
    me and my friends are very sad..plss dnt leave the show..pls team of this show dont do this with karanveer

  • sana zafar

    viraj should stay in,serial z ntin without hm

  • sameer bhandari

    viraj must not quit the serial no one is there in indian cinema thats act like u if u quit the serial will be useless no one is there as u karan veer.u r a great actor go viraj dobriyal go go!!*

  • sameer bhandari

    life ok channel run with the show shaubhagya nati bhawa & it runs with karanveer bohra ( Viraj dhobriyal) if he quits the serial tjen the channel goes down so dont quit karanveer we wants u.i love ur character as viraj i wants to be like u viraj…..

  • liza ahmad

    no one cn tk ur place…. if u will leave d show then no one will watch d show any more… we luv u plz dnt leave it… plz plz plz….

  • zulu

    Without Karanvir no body watch the show what an actor

  • jhanvi

    karnvir u r soul of this serial plz plz don’t quit this serial love u soooooooooooo much viraj jitna tum apni jaan se bhi nahi karte ho

    • pratinighi

      i luv viraj.without viraj saubhagyvati bhava is totally zero.if viraj will leave d show den i m not interested to watch it..i watch dis show only 4 viraj d greatest, d most powerful , d lovable & d handsome viraj doberial

  • ayisha






    kvb without u nobady watch this serial u should syay in this serial there many track without leap payal dobriyal must be come in this serial &your past track is also make a intresting for show but plz plz plz plz plz don’t leave this show

    • nv

      s i cmpletly agree wid u. kvb hs 2 b back.

  • nv

    kvb plz dont leave d show. without u, d show is cmpletly zero.n dat new guy ,…raghav or whatever his name is , is ruinin d show. he s 101 percent nt atall fit 2 b d hero.plz cm back 2 d show mr. perfect plz plz plz ………

  • Rahul sharma

    Plz plz plz karan dont leave this show…..
    Plz plz…
    Without you this show is totally zero……..
    Dont leave this show viraj the perfect ,the mysterious,the lovable,and the greatst dobriayal……….
    Plz itz a humble request from your fans……

  • anoop

    shut ur face!
    nothig is thr in the serial with out viraj the greatest dobriyal

  • anoop

    producers of the show be ready to go off air!
    no one can mess with viraaj!

  • zulu

    Its Only because Karanvir bohra presence all the viewers watching not for harshad chopra or any other actor its truly 100% i know what i am saying

    • muskan

      hello wat r ull thinkin abut der isno show widout viraj he is d main lead cancel d dam leap

    • muskan

      a zulu harshad is my favourate hero shut ur face

  • rahul

    kvb plzz plzz plzz don’t leave this show we watch the show just becz of you if you leave i also quit the show plzz don’t leave

  • ranvir

    don’t leave viraj kvb tis show plzz plzz
    ilove your accting

  • aditya singh

    kvb without u nobady watch this serial

  • Shubham

    If karan goes the show will not survive a year we all love him he the best in the character

  • anjali

    i lov u viraj we can’t c the without u man ….i m crzy to see u ……..

  • anjali

    i lov u viraj we can’t c without u man ….i m crzy to see u ……..

    • aratiadhikari

      IF u drop the show then i think this show degrades its quality ……….i m ur grt fan n dont miss any serials of urs. whn u drodded kjk then wat crisis occured we all no . u r tyuly grt actor.ur acting is unbekiveable.no1 can challenge u on actin n nobody is fit 4 ur role i must say

  • saharsh

    well if karanvir leaves the show then …the show will crash ..as the only reason for people to see the show is viraj dobriyal ….so if he quits …then unfortunately show will loose its audience ….

  • Mou

    Pls viraj don’t leave the show…it is incomplete without u……I just looooooooooooooove u jaaaaan…..pls don’t go…

  • natasha

    whattt!!!unbelievable!he’s gonna quit this show!!what happened to the makers?can’t they think a serial without leaps?that’s it.I’m not gonna watch this show if he quits it.

  • yogeshwer singh

    hi,viraj ur acting is so good & ur look is also very dashing,,,,,so i rqst to u that plz dont leave d serial…. am a big fan of u

  • avtar maan

    I am coming jaan,and i m cmng for You.
    Luv u viraj

  • Rashmi

    Hello sir am a very big fan of Ur’s pla don’t leave the serial .. V miss u a llllllloooooootttttt sir pls

  • Anurag Aman

    hello sir please dont lleave the the show i m your biggest fan ever i watch the show because of u only well if u leave the show then …the show will crash ..as the only reason for people to see the show is viraj dobriyal ….so if u quit …then unfortunately show will loose its audience …. i m fan of ur cool style style and personality………

  • rahul

    Hey…i dont think this serial is going to entertain us a more without Viraj. ‘D gretest dobriyal’,…Really luv his style and acting…

    • viraj

      koi sak he kya……….

      • Nazeem

        Viraj the greats man….

  • Akash Nair

    kvb you are the best you shouldnt leave this serial, without you this serial is incomplete, viraj is incomplete without you, so its a kind request plzzz dont leave the serial, dil se di dua….saubhagyawati bhava!

  • archit ror

    I luv viraj th greatest dobriyal ,his acting ,his style i just watch serial only for him ..karan plz dont leave the serial i want to see u more in ths role

    • archit ror

      Humhe aapse pyaar kitna k hum nhi jante .,sir plz dont leave th show

  • mOhi

    I am one of the biggest fans of viraj The Greatest Dobriyal..He plays power boosting charecter in serial and best negative charecter till now…the serial is based on his play…i should say it depends upon his charecter…So he should not leave that serial..!!

  • aakarshi

    i watch saubhagyawati coz of viraj only.he is d best villian i have ever seen..if he quits the show i vl stop watching it.

  • Anas

    widout Karan, the show wil be flop, i’m nt going to watch ths serial, if Viraj, the incredible Dobriyal is going out from the show…. Jhanvi plz go wid Viraj, Raghav tm nikal lo patli gali se…

  • Maldev

    Show is running only due to viraaaj….if he quits the…then i think…show not will loose trp…without kvb…he is jaan of dsddsb..

  • ravindra sarswat

    please don’t quit this serial.
    we don’t leave without this serial

  • ravindra sarswat

    kya raghavendra bach payega?

  • ramesh

    i love u viraj .you are my god.if he quits the show i vl stop watching it.i am your world best fan.i l u.

  • Abhinay Bohra

    i am best fan of yours

  • Veeraj

    Hello d great viraaj dobriyal dnt quit dis show den al ur fans vil mis seeing dobriyal style….

  • Sahil

    You r hero for me i only see in this show pz don’t leave

  • Sahil

    You r hero for me i only see in this show pz don’t leave viraj the powerful dobriyal

  • vikas arya

    i can leave my gf for u my dear dobriyal




    I luv ur acting gr8 dovrial if u leave the show then this serial will loose its TRP please don’t leave KVB. I’LL ALSO QUIT TO WATCH DDDDSV

  • fabasherah malak

    pleas don’t leave this show

  • raj

    viraj the powerfull dobriyal

    • manisha

      hii viraj