Kareena Kapoor: at the top of her game!

Mon, November 28, 2011 1:07pm IST by
Kareena Kapoor: at the top of her game!

The gorgeous babe may have got slightly diverted from the B-town rat race, but now she’s back on track and this time she hits a high by appearing right at the top of the ‘Sexiest Woman in the South Asian region’ list

According to a poll carried out by Eastern Eye (Britain’s leading Asian newspaper), the Kapoor chick was given maximum points by people through social networking sites and hence she was conferred the ‘Sexiest Asian Woman’ tag. Now who could stop the gorgeous babe from winning this Bollywood pageant held in the virtual world, especially when the majority of people are still suffering from a rare disease called the Chamak challo syndrome? We think actors like Katrina Kaif, Priyanka Chopra and Bipasha Basu – who have edged out everybody else in B-town and captured the second, third and fourth positions on the list – shouldn’t get too disheartened and blame it on something called ‘top of mind recall’ for their current status. C’mon gals, you know how fickle minded the audience is these days! Katrina, if you had done an item number right after Chamak challo, we are sure people’s allegiance would had been riveted to you. And Bips is sure to capture more than just gawking eyeballs when Players is released, as she shows off that gorgeous bod in a teensy-weensy red bikini! As for PC…well, we all know that she is hot stuff and once her album is done, she will be hauter than ever. As for us, we are Bebo fans, but we suggest that Kareena comes down to earth quickly and doesn’t get too excited about her recent victory, coz very soon she’s going to be history. This, because these days it’s the Bachchan bahu, Aishwarya Rai, who’s ruling the roost in the virtual world, TV world and maybe even the other world – you see, we are sure that even aliens out there somewhere are celebrating Beti-B’s arrival. The new little Bachchan, we hear, is already adept at hogging the limelight, since even as a little pink bundle she is the next head-turner in B-town. For the other Bollywood beauties, we’ll just say that girls, you have got some serious competition here, so buck up!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • hey

    Kareena is no match for PZ. Saif is maha impressed by PZ and her media abilities. He saw them first hand. PZ has much higher IQ. She may not have a single film but she is able to show a million twitter followers!! Now isnt that something? Madhur should have taken her in the Heroine movie. She is so smart and beautiful. As to the loser Ash who keeps on and on about an IVF baby to remain in news, the less said the better.

  • Zvio

    away from cniervog this mega-event on minute by minute basis and have not made it like any other breaking news. However, the news has broken on the newspaper’s sites across the world and whole of