Kareena Kapoor doesn’t feel the same way about him as Saif Ali Khan feels for her!

We are sure it isn’t a bone of contention between the lovers though!

It’s tricky if two people in love are in the same line of work, especially if they have to work with each other’s rivals, like Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor, for instance. While Saifeena have professed undying love for each other and seem to have found their better halves forever and ever, when it comes to professional relationships, their thoughts differ. Recently in an interview the Agent Vinod actor-producer was asked who his best partner onscreen was, to which Saif made a feeble attempt to be diplomatic. While he said that all his leading ladies, from Rani Mukerji to Deepika Padukone, are special, he couldn’t resist adding, “With Kareena, of course, it’s different completely. It’s not just us, but our roles that take the wheel when it comes to the chemistry.” Isn’t that cute! He makes a special mention of his someone special!

The love of his life Bebo though feels a little differently for Saif. She maintains that he is her fave Khan off screen, but onscreen her heart beats for Salman, whom she also calls a sweetheart and the lifeline of the film industry. Hopefully the new Nawab of Pataudi doesn’t mind it ‘coz Salman’s been in Kareena’s life since long before Saif arrived. The Dabangg dude has literally watched Bebo, his fave co-star Karisma Kapoor’s younger sis, grow up and become one of his pet leading ladies.