Kareena Kapoor grinds spices for Singham Returns!

Yes, you read that right! What more, the Heroine actor learnt it from the Goans, we hear

Kareena Kapoor Khan is putting in a lot of efforts to look convincing as a Marathi mulgi in Singham Returns. Not only has she been busy learning the local language but the latest we hear is that, she learnt to grind spices in a typical Maharashtrian way.

A source was quoted, “Kareena is doing a scene wherein she is grinding the spices in the traditional way. Kareena seemed to be very fascinated with the mechanism and the way the women used it for grinding the spices to get the powder form. So during of one the breaks while shooting, she took a few spices grinding lessons from those Goan women!”

Well, Kareena is leaving no stone unturned for Singham Returns. She’s taken lessons to speak Marathi, ride a rickshaw and now, has even learnt to grind spices. We can’t wait to watch her on the silver screen! Singham Returns, which stars Ajay Devgn will hit the theatres on August 15.