Kareena Kapoor has four lovers crazy for her – really?

Madhur Bhandarkar’s Heroine reveals the blueprint to success in this big, bad film industry. But why does it have to include so many lover boys?

When Madhur Bhandarkar set out to make Heroine, he took into consideration almost every possible controversy that has rocked B-town. Be it rumours surrounding a high-profile engagement (no, we are not pointing at the Saifeena marriage saga here!) or a hush-hush abortion. And putting it all across bluntly is the heroine of this movie, Kareena Kapoor.

And we know that Bebo wanted to sound very cutting while mouthing these dialogues. But as luck would have it, something didn’t turn out quite right and the much-hyped punch went phhusss.

Now if these dialogues sounded off the mark in Hindi, we really couldn’t stop ourselves from finding out how lost they could sound in translation. Curious to know what we found? Then read on…

Ek item ke chaar deewane. Ek andar, toh ek baahar, teesra beemar toh chautha taiyaar.

One item has four crazy lover boys. One inside, then one outside, the third is ill, then the fourth is always ready.

(Err, anyone functional here?)

Question: Kaun sign karega ise? Kitni moody hai, sanki hai, over-emotional hai.

Who will sign her? So moody, crazy and over-emotional she is.

Answer: Hollywood ho ya Bollywood, har heroine mein ye teeno qualities hoti hain.

Be it Hollywood or Bollywood, in every heroine these three qualities are always present.

(Really? So do you have all these qualities too, Bebo? Chuckle.)

Main jabse apni ma ke pet me thi tabse heroine ban na chahti thi

Since the time I was in my mother’s womb, I wanted to become a heroine.

(Whoa! Now that’s being ambitious and errr….kinda spooky, no?)


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