Kareena Kapoor is not interested in patching up with Esha Deol

Ms Kapoor did not attend Esha Deol’s wedding under the pretext of shooting for Heroine in Thailand. Now that shouldn’t come as a surprise to us, ‘coz Esha fell out with Bebo a long time ago for reasons we never knew

The two babes were inseparable at one point of time. They bonded big time on the sets of Yuva and would talk for hours on the phone, chit-chatting and gossiping about everything under the sun. But their friendship soon came to a screeching halt.The Tell Me O Kkhuda actor was unable to cope with Bebo’s straightforward nature. And now after all these years when Ms Deol thought of reconciling with her once-upon-a-time-good-friend by inviting Bebo for her wedding, it was an exercise in futility. Kareena doesn’t seem interested in fixing the relationship and we hear that she’s more upset because Esha didn’t bother to invite her personally for the shaadi.

Now we are wondering if Esha will be invited for Bebo’s royal wedding. And even if she is, will Esha bother to attend? Well, we guess she’ll prefer getting even…what do you think?