Mommy to be Kareena Kapoor Khan admits she’s OWNED her pregnancy and we can’t agree more!

Pregnancy has probably got the best out of Kareena Kapoor Khan. I mean, not that she was any less prettier before but the fact how Kareena is breaking the internet by rocking her baby bump, one pic at a time is so damn inspiring. Aren’t we totally digging on her style game? There was a time when people would hide their baby bumps or treat the whole maternity phase like as if it’s a crime for a pregnant woman to work, or even step out of their house. But Kareena being an exception, is assuring to look as beautiful as ever even in her maternity wear, flaunting her curves and breaking all the stereotypes surrounding pregnancy. Also read: Kareena Kapoor Khan is a perfect blend of style and elegance on Grazia’s cover – watch the making video

So it comes as no surprise that Bebo is extremely proud of owning her pregnancy like a boss. In fact, she credits this confidence to each one of ya’ll as she spoke to Grazia magazine saying, “I believe there’s a lot of respect and understanding between me and my family, the media, industry friends or even the audience, because I’ve kind of owned the pregnancy.” So much sass in that very statement, no? Kareena has shot for a stunning maternity photoshoot with Grazia as she graces the magazine cover for the December issue.

While Kareena Kapoor Khan is due to deliver her baby on December 20. Father Randhir Kapoor too had recently confessed how he’s totally loving the way how Kareena is dealing with her pregnancy as he had said, “Kareena has handled her pregnancy very well. We’re all waiting to hold the little one in our arms. She’s extremely healthy and the baby is doing fine.”

But all said and done, no one can beat hubby Saif Ali Khan’s statement as Kareena had once recalled, “”I’ve been keeping myself so busy during this pregnancy that Saif always says ‘You’ll have this baby in Mehboob Studios!’ My friends are constantly teasing me and telling me to calm down and do less. But knowing me, don’t be surprised if I head straight from the hospital to a shoot. I think I’ll definitely be fully back to work one month after my baby is born. ”

On that note, watch this making video of Kareena’s Grazia shoot and we’ll be back with more updates right here.

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