Kareena Kapoor Khan experiences ‘Heroine’ moment in real life!

Kareena Kapoor Khan experiences ‘Heroine’ moment in real life!

Considered one of the top heroines a few years back, has she started taking desperate measures to bring up her sinking career graph? Else why would she be calling Sanjay Leela Bhansali and begging him to give a role in his upcoming Bajirao Mastani. Read on to know the full story…

Kareena Kapoor Khan seems to have actually taken her role in Madhur Bhandarkar’s Heroine to her heart. After delivering flops after flops, Saifu’s biwi is being dropped out of important projects. Her career graph is declining and she seems to be out of work perennially. Desperate times call for desperate measures. The film industry is abuzz with reports that the Pataudi khandaan’s bahu made calls to Sanjay Leela Bhansali and begged him to take her for his dream project Bajirao Mastani. But that too didn’t bear any fruits. Sanjay seems to have already finalised the actors for his next film.

If we recall SLB’s Bajirao Mastani has been changing stars in the cast from its very inception. From Salman Khan to Shahrukh Khan to Ajay Devgn to Hrithik Roshan to Ranveer Singh, everyone was once upon a time said to be doing the main lead. Even for the female lead, names kept changing from Rani Mukerji to Katrina Kaif to Kareena Kapoor Khan to Priyanka Chopra to Deepika Padukone. The latest goss is that SLB has finally decided to bring back his Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram Leela pair together for Bajirao Mastani, which leaves Kareena high and dry.

Our khabroos dug deep into this telephonic conversation between Kareena and Sanjay and informed us that Kareena was straight away said a NO for the lead role as SLB wanted Deepika to play it. It was also informed that Kareena continued pleading for the lead role, but Sanjay instead said that he might think of letting her play the role of Kashibai, who was the first wife of Peshwa Bajirao. It is a fact that Kashibai’s character will have an equal screen presence as that of the lead character Mastani. Although Sanjay dodged the bullet by saying that he would think over letting Kareena play Kashibai, we hear that he has already made up his mind on who will be playing Kashibai. We hear that even this second lead will not go to Kareena’s kitty and Priyanka Chopra will be playing the said role. Makes sense also because Priyanka was unable to play a bigger role in SLB’s Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram Leela because of date issues when she was approached by Sanjay. But she still managed to do an item song and now maybe SLB wants to repay the kindness and offer Piggy Chops the second lead.

We although feel sorry for Kareena as she was recently ousted from Dharma Production’s Shuddhi and now SLB’s Bajirao Mastani is also gone from her hands. Is she turning the desperate Mahi Arora from her film Heroine whose career graph is dipping and she takes ever possible measure to get back into the game? Or is she unable to cope with the fact that directors are not willing to work with her, maybe because of her post marital ‘date issues’? Or maybe her string of flops is the cause of her being ousted from important project? Is Kareena Kapoor Khan OVER? We wonder…

So go ahead BollywoodLifers and let us know your take on the same!

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  • gsehe

    She opted out by her wish,. No 1 kicked her out dear deepikalife

  • Sunanda

    LOl… KKK should kicked out from Bollywood as well…

    • LOL

      and you will decide who should be in films !

  • Varsha

    The hell is your problem Bollywood life? You guys have gone on a an anti-Kareena campaign? None of this shitty news is true.

  • Honey

    Whether she was kicked out or whether she walked out (which makes you wonder why anyways, if no logical reason can be cited for her rejecting such great reasons then it’s quite clear that she did not walk out and such notions are only out to save her pride by pr people), she has never been a good actress. People cite Chameli and such as being great examples of her acting and yet they forget that her acting was not even good in these movies!

    The item songs she’s being doing in recent years have also been embarrassing – the bags under her eyes are visible, she wears to much make up to look half way decent, she wears push up bras to make her chest look bigger and all that in a desperate bid to appear ‘sexy’ which she isn’t. It isn’t just her age but the fact that she has never been sexy, even when she was younger. All of this can be mitigated and forgotten but instead she makes arrogant claims about being so charitable and rejecting movies which one has to laugh at – she needs a charity or a blessing from God himself to save her career. And before anyone starts shouting – I’m not a Deepika fan either nor a Katrina fan – just an honest Bollywood film lover who is sick of Kareena. Please get this haggard lady of the screen and into a gossip column or something…

  • yazz

    this news is too much i think as im getting so much laugh kareena has said she gets almost 10 roles scripts everyday n she has become too choosy so how can she be begging roles im not sure about this headline

  • <3cppd<3

    the best article ever of bollywoodlife/ 100% true!!!
    i salute you bollywoodlife. wanna hug the writer hahaha

    • LOL

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      • <3cppd<3

        ur flopeena gonna suck his dick now so that he stop writing bad thing on her. she gonna beg preteek sur as well!!! desperate flopeena fan!!!

  • <3cppd<3

    she is already kicked out of bollywood!!!
    now she know the consequences of messing with deepika!!

    • LOL

      and you are the spokesaunty of bollywood!

      • <3cppd<3

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  • <3cppd<3

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  • <3cppd<3

    some1 was right in some other post that bebo is the bhikari of bollywood
    begging and licking every directors for films!!

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      • <3cppd<3

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  • <3cppd<3

    keep doing your small endorsements flopeena aka randeena!!!

  • <3cppd<3

    yeah her time is OVER OVER n OVER!!!!

  • <3cppd<3

    MAHI ARORA in real life!!!
    desperate and lamentable FLOP HEROINE

    • LOL

      why are you commenting 20times on the same post ? kis chezz ki barras nikal rahi ho aunty…what kinda frustration is it…

      • <3cppd<3

        ohh really then the same apply to u!!
        why are u replying 20 times on the same post??!!!! trying to gain publicity or trying to prostitute urself on bollywoodlife like ur dumbo!!!!

        Kis chezz ki barras nikal rahi ho FLOPEENA aunty…what kinda frustration is it RANDEENA aunty……

  • <3cppd<3

    koi toh kaam do mujhe hahahah
    that phrase made my life

    • LOL

      do you liked it because you are jobless?

      • <3cppd<3

        we all like this phrase coz as u see ur FLOPEENA is damn jobless…no she does have a job…am sorry i forget!!! Technically she has job nowadays: busy licking n begging directors for film, organising parties for crew of humshakals, accompanying husband at work, begging deepika for films, doing fashion shows and doing down market ads,,,, thats her JOBS nowadays!!!

  • <3cppd<3

    hahaha that why she is known as FLOPEENA!!!
    no one gives a fuck to her!!
    every directors are showing her the door!!
    and she truly deserves everything she is facing nowadays
    finally her arrogance has borne fruits!!

  • <3cppd<3

    Prateek Sur you are the best writer ever!!

    • LOL

      is this your fututre husband, aunty?

      • <3cppd<3

        LOL your so lol. heyy mawsi go n take some tea…flopeena made u mad like her!!

  • <3cppd<3

    i think once again she should leak her sex tape online
    this might benefit her :P :P

    • LOL

      we have seen two homo sapiens smoching around in ram leela…dont need sex tape!
      or is because no one wants to have sex with you thats why you want two people having sex RANDI!

      • <3cppd<3

        U r right ur FLOPEENA is a RANDEENA! she leaked her kissing tape with shahid long ago for publicity stunt now she should do it again to gain back publicity as well as her doomed career. pathetic LOL, replying all comments. u seem to be jobless like ur FLOPEENA!!! despos!!

      • milan227

        Errrr… what are you if not a homo sapien?

  • Manish

    KKK your hay day is long over.. pack your bags and your cattiness and get out of our face

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      we are not talking about your mother!

  • <3cppd<3

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    • MissDespo

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    • KKK best <3

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      • <3cppd<3

        mere dp ghoos ke dekh tum moti waali kaminee dickreena dekhe gain. ab chal ja saali!

  • Sonam

    what annoys me the MOST about her is that she makes statements like “I feel honoured to give work to others” and “I hope they become big starts cuz I’ve rejected those big films”…these statements reek jealousy! And, hello…these actresses who have gotten “your” big films are not third class actresses and for the record, lets just make it clear, they got those films because of their own merit…OWN merit not because of you. So stop it with that haughty attitude. They are not “your” films.

    Also, it’d be nice if Kareena can just come clean about her bad decisions, or at least just maintain a “no comments” policy instead of making disdainful statements. Don’t expect her acting to grow at this point or her looks to improve, but its time she grows up. Act like an adult, its about time.

  • Tanya G

    About her getting Queen first – the director has even disputed it, and we only have her pr people’s story to go by but to be honest, she makes it sound as if she is to be credited for the success of the movie and the success of the lead actress. Even if she rejected the movie (which is so so doubtful anyways), she has done the production house a favour, the director a favour and most of all movie watchers a favour by not inflicting her horrible self on people who pay good money to watch quality movies.

    People think that if she dislike Kareena then you must be a Deepika fan etc etc. Most people who dislike Kareena just dislike bad acting, and bad personalities – Kareena has both and that is simply the reason why she is becoming more and more disliked…yeah she was big before but honestly, the ‘Kapoor’ last name is not as strong enough as it was and she cannot sustain a whole career on who’s daughter she is rather than substance to herself…

    • <3cppd<3

      +1000000000000 thumbs up for you comment

      these bebo fans are so mad here. if you gonna say smething against kareena. they will reply your comments and abused you. lol how pathetic they are!!!

    • milan227

      She’s taken being a diva to a whole new level. And without the hits to back it up, the act looks silly. Especially when she claims to be responsible for the success of other actresses because they took the films she rejected and struck box office gold. SMDH.

  • shakuntela

    Im sick of this anti kareena propaganda!!!!!!!!! Who is paying you? I dont know why you m

    • Zain

      People don’t have to be paid to have opinions – if you’re a bollywood movie watcher and appreciate the Indian film industry you will inevitably have views on certain actors, sharing them does not mean you’re being paid by someone. Are you seriously trying to say that the only people who dislike Kareena are the ones that get paid to dislike her? I’m not paid by anyone, I just think she is a horrible person, both on screen and off screen…

      • <3cppd<3

        +1 for your superb comment :)

  • YourMama

    one person is commenting the same thing! desperate fan of deepikaKiLife!!!

  • Aaron

    Kareena has had several such phases. She might just bounce back with her “secret Hrithik Roshan sex tape” just like Mahi Arora!

    • Lol

      ohh comon! mother fucker! we are not about ram-leela!

  • MsNewJersey

    I never liked Kareena Kapoor’s acting from get go. I thought she was horrible actress, has bad attitude and always used Kapoor name to keep herself relevant. Finally flim industry has realized KK is just not worth it.

  • LOL

    deepika ki life WOW! what is she paying to you guys ! or is she sucking you dick!

  • LOL

    you are obsessed with her..sad aunty!

    • <3cppd<3

      yeah we are obsessed with ur randeena coz we don’t like such randi in bollywood.(licking ass of every directors for films) !!!!1

  • kareena-best actress

    Kareena is a superstar.she was never said a ‘non-actor” like Deepika.she isn’t jealous of anyone.she has got six Filmfare awards and Deepika just two awards and Priyanka just four awards.look at her filmography.she was flooded with films with 5-6 films every year.she has got a lot of blockbusters and critical acclaim.she has a Madame tussads statue and has 10 big brand endorsements.what say you stupid jealous basterds.

    and these all are fake news.

    • Hans

      Bought critical acclaim does not count for genuine critical acclaim; blockbusters do not mean that he actress herself is to be credited (Dhoom 3 was a hit, Katrina was not the main reason; Three Idiots was a hit, Kareena was not the main reason etc); a statute in Madam Tussauds does not mean anything, Aamir Khan was asked to have one placed there but he said no to it, it’s just a waxwork in an obscure London tourist attraction, not a major award or anything; Priyanka did not get a Filmfare for her role in Barfi – do you seriously think the awards are a sign of talent therefore? Please, they are paid for by the highest bidder and do not reflect on talent or good work…

      • <3cppd<3

        +1 just love your comment. 100% truth.

  • http://shakuntela.blogspot.co.uk ShakuntelaOneandOnly

    For those interested, I have posted the story of Bajirao Mastani Here. People need to be careful though to not confuse me with the other Shakuntela here :)


  • Alexandra

    Kareena got too lazy for her own good after she hit big time with JWM then it now became money money money, an item number here, a ten minute role there with the 3 khans. That was all it became for her, now she has nabbed her Nawab it is about time she concentrates on starting a family and stop spewing nonsense about giving out movies, a crass excuse from a lazy greedy woman.
    She wants to do little or nothing in inconsequential roles in movies and still think one will remain relevant with such lazy strategy and in a jungle called Bollywood. Or did she think that the non educated poor in india will continue to flock to the cinemas to see her two minute apperances because she is a Kapoor.
    Dim witted motor mouth. Please next chapter .

    • alexandra

      Sorry about the non educated poorr india part, I meant a few who are poor and not educated.
      Please am so sorry.

  • Sanjana

    Come on guys u believe these sorta news! I’m not a fan of kareena but she is currently getting lots of movies , like singham 2 , Bombay samurai, and other movies , the thing is that she rejects too many movies , she recently rejected the movie queen and ram leela. ! I don’t think any heroine who is at this stage of their career would beg for a movie ! So don’t fight and chill ! And also she gets lots of modeling contracts , I know this stuff cuz I study journalism and Design.

    • Shanaya

      No offence but studying ‘journalism and design’ does not make you an expert on KK’s professional life, I think anyone with access to the internet can find out about her modelling credentials. Your subject area does not give you any expertise in the industry. The discussion here is also about her acting, not her gormless posing in a lux soap advert…

      As the above posters have mentioned, whether she rejected Queen or not is in itself highly dubious – the director has denied that the movie was ever offered to her, we only have her PR’s word for that and there’s that other major factor that KK does not suit comic roles – Queen demanded a quirky and fresh actress, not a washed up aunty with no comic ability…

      • Sanjana

        I don’t wanna argue over this , I know my subjects do not give me expertise in this area, I mentioned that just cuz I didn’t want deepikas fan or kareenas haters to bombard me with loads of nasty comments . And also many films have been offered to her if not queen surely raam leela was offered to her , but I guess I can be wrong cuz I say these things from the surrounding news which was delivered on the net .u seem to be one of kareenas haters lol , but it’s okay u can be . None of my business . As in matter of comic roles u r forgetting that she has done golmaal 2 and 3 and both were hit and she did brilliant job in both of movies and also not to mention her jab we met movie .