Kareena Kapoor Khan goes raunchy for Surya!

Wed, April 2, 2014 3:03pm IST by
Kareena Kapoor Khan goes raunchy for Surya!

Unable to get a right offer of her choice, Bebo will now be seen using her oomph factor to glam up an item song or two

Bollywood is a crazy place. One day you are riding high on the success wave and suddenly you see that success wave ebbing away rapidly. With new entrant of hotties like Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor, Parineeti Chopra, Shraddha Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha and Alia Bhatt, biggies like Kareena Kapoor are finding it difficult to get offers of their choices.

Bebo is certainly struggling to get a right offer that will excite her. The 34-year-old has decided to make her debut in Tamil. The hottie will be seen in an upcoming movie titled Anjaan starring Surya and Samantha. Titled Anjaan, this movie will see Kareena going raunchy in an item song!

“Yes, we have signed Kareena Kapoor. It was a last-minute decision. She was hesitant when we approached her for the track. But we convinced her to take up the project, which will mark her entry to Tamil films,” said director N Lingusamy in an interview.

Now we are waiting to see Kareena showcasing her raunchy side once gain after her Fevicol se stint, what about you Bollywood Lifers?


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  • anno

    Fuck you deepia ki life paid motherfuckers

  • bunty

    Biased website!!!

  • gg

    don’t believe this shit kareena not getting the right offers ?? u r completely misinterpreting the article i saw the same news on a different site they were fooling. This article is not true why will she debut in tamil she already has enough offers here . Kareena is doing gabbar,singham 2,bombay samurai,batameez dil and u say she hasn’t got offers u lame writer . Don’t believe me u can see at http://entertainment.oneindia.in/tamil/news/2014/kareena-kapoor-raunchy-number-surya-anjaan-135521.html

    The writer is a disgrace to the media

    stop degrading u bollywood life fuckers . Don’t know who the fuck is paying u

    • Divya Gulati

      Kareena is doing a item song in movie gabbar,and doing movie Singham 2…she has refused other movie

      • gg

        no she didn’t refuse batameez dil and bombay samuria it only got delayed and both the movies r not shelved

    • kkk

      well said +100000000 to your comment this bollywood life is so cheap how much it is trying to defame actresses like kat and kareena anyways every1 knows the truth know. i believe three k’s r worthy to be called best actress (katrina,kareena,kangana) deepika is also doing great and vidya is out of question and plastic chopra is riding on kapoor,roshan and mr.srk and kangana and katrina have overshadowed her in agneepath and krish 3 so she is also out of question bimbos like sonakshi ,parineeti,shradda r out of question alia is so good at this age bollywood’s future rests on alia

  • guest

    screw this article who is paying u deepika or is it priyanka u mother retarded fuckers

  • <3cppd<3

    now she gonna do tamil films. gud luck for your new career flopeena

    • gg
      • <3cppd<3

        hahaha even if it is false why are u so worried abt this thing!!! so pathetic dude!!

        • gg

          what is pathetic in it???? it just shows how much bollywood life has become a biased site

          • <3cppd<3

            coz i did not ask u for any explanation!!! thats y i said so pathetic!!!

          • gg

            then don’t write some disgusting comments if u don’t like her it is fine !!!!!! but don’t post some nonsense

          • <3cppd<3

            i can write my comments. i dnt need ur permission. i am expressing my opinions. so just fuck off if u dnt like my comments. its none of ur business!!!

          • gg

            sure u can write but write something which makes sense not some nonsense just bcoz u hate her . Every1 knows u hate her but get ur facts right .

          • <3cppd<3

            dude everything i wrote is truth to the core. its just u all core fans who wont believe coz its ur idol.

          • gg

            don’t tell me other actress don’t get flops katrina started with a flop and now she is on top list deepika had a series of flops. .kareena is going through the same rough patch and anyways it it is proven fact that bollywood life artices are fake and pointless so i don’t think it should be taken seriously and don’t forget kareena and katrina are only second to deepika when it comes to 100 crore movies and u just hate her and post some useless facts if u talk about acting kangana has shown the real talent and she is better than most actress. Anyways it is your opinion ur entitled to it. U cannot change the truth by posting some baseless facts

          • <3cppd<3

            yeah everyone has flops. she has the most number of flops however. after her every flop film she acts as if she is the best and all the time take digs at her contemporaries. she is such a drama queen. everybody in the industry know this fact. in fact everyone hates her soo much. everywhere she is getting only and only hatred. she is also losing her fans, all her films, and friends in bwood. ask urself why all these things are happening in her life?? let me tell u its because of her arrogance that y she is the most hated actress ever in bwood. its karma!!! thats y she is facing karma and her career has bombed!! PREGNANT BIMBO!!

            secondly if u think bollywoodlife is fake, pointless, blah blah then why u waste ur precious time to reply to every negative cooments on this posts???!!!

            thirdly ohh plzz stop bringing bimbo bebo’s name in top actresses(acting abilities) and top heroines(box office terms). are u trying to reassure yourself that her career is not finished or what??!!! ROFL

            who knows kareena kapoor now??!!!! she is not an actress like dp,kat n pc which everyone will ever remember. so stop fooling urself!!!

            when it comes to 100 cr, top heroines are only:
            DP= four(4) 100 cr films
            PC= four(4) 100 cr films
            kat= three(3) 100 cr films, one of them the highest film ever fyki

            P.S: i am not sure for kat if it is 3 100 cr films, maybe 4 or more

            ur bimbo bebo has three 100 cr films in which she played supporting roles, 3 idiots(she was completely sidelined), ra.one(i dont know if i should call this film a 100 cr film due to the losses the film faced). watever, her role was a mother(also supporting role), bodyguard(atleast in this one she has few screen space unlike others)

            Thats all ur bimbo has. btw who remember films like ra.one and bodyguard(except 3 idiots due to the 3 actors)

            TOP 4 ACTRESSES(who acts): Vidya, dp, pc n kangana

            when it comes to women centric film, hahahaha, total disaster she delivered. already forgot the super flop HEROINE or what??!!!

            Vidya gave hits like kahaani and a blockbuster like TDP on her own, pc delivered one of 2008 blockbusters fashion (which she carried on her shoulders), kangana gave a magical hit recently.(QUEEN) which ur bimbo rejected as the movie required acting skills which she dont have and also bcoz the film had no khans in it.
            Finally DEEPIKA which did 3 out of 4 BLOCKBUSTERS films in 2013 in which she had major roles. these films are only remebered because of deepika only!! also she won all best actress awards for one of these films fyki!!

            So ask urself where is ur idol bimbo????? ohh i know she is busy licking ass of directors and begging deepika for films, right????

            pathetic fans!!!

          • gg

            firstly,kareena is not pregnant don’t be in your dreams

            secondly,i already proved bollywood life is posting fake articles

            thirdly kareena got most no of filmfare awards when compared to these 4 and awards do prove bro .and kareena had 4 100 cr (oh actually 5 talaash collected 100 cr overseas but not in india it fell shot of 100 cr and adding overseas collection will make it 100 cr)movies bro u can see at http://www.bollywoodhungama.com/box-office/special-features/id/200 and in addition to that she already made guest appearances in dabang 2 and rowdy rathore which r also100 cr movies sorry bro but ur facts r flawed and it just shows ur desperate hatred towards her and kangana didn’t give a magical hit bro she was always good. People only started her to notice now after queen she was good in fashion,gangster,krish 3,tanu weds manu and she got a national award so its not a fluke bro

          • <3cppd<3

            its ur facts who are biased!!!! talaaash was not a 100 cr in india. it was a 100 cr worldwide. unfortunately box office india does not count it in the 100 cr club fyki!!!

            in addition, i hope u did not meant to say that rowdy rathore n dabangg 2 was hit only bcoz of bimbo’s guest appearance coz this will be utter stupidity!!!

            n btw she may have most of filmfare watever but she does not have the prestigious national award which she was craving for. kangana has one, vidya and pc have one and soon dp will have one. just wait n watch. nowadays who cares abt fimfare. it is being considered as a reality show(shitty show).

            ur comment clearly shows how jealous u are of kangana success!!! bitch get a life!! ur flopeena is not even one fifth of kangana acting skills!! stop comparing a QUEEN with GTPM bimbo!!

          • gg

            bro read my comments properly i said kangana is the best. It is u who said she got a magical hit ??? lol dude !!!! u didn’t read completely and replied back i said her hits were not fluke bro and i didn’t mean dabang 2 and rowdy rathore were hit bcoz of her i said having her was a plus point bcoz both the scripts were awful .And i even mentioned talaash didn’t collect 100 cr in india but it fell shot of 100 cr lol!!! u didn’t even read properly and imagined something and replied me back ha ha ha !!!!!!

    • EUE5

      She isn’t going to have a superb career forever. Everyone has their own time. She had her time too. She was the number 1 actress. But what do you expect? She should remain 28 forever doing most awaited movies opposite the a-list actors? Sorry that’s not possible.

      • rahul

        no one said that but that dosent mean you write these things about an renown actress ! you have a sister a mother…i dont like it BTW do they think dp will never turn 30!!! so what then pc 32 should she leave b-town! and when a men whos 48 romance a 28 year old isnt that pathetic! my point is i want to see kareenas films nothing changed in my affection towards her so…!

    • Julie Joesph

      Better than your Despo Padukone

      • <3cppd<3

        i dnt care to ur opinions coz everyone knows who is the best actress and its ur flopeena’s boss DEEPIKA!!!

        • Julie Joesph

          If you dont care, why did u even respond to my statement, idiot

          • <3cppd<3

            hey idiot, its who u who responded to my comments first. okayyy learn some manners first. did not ur parents taught u that u should not barge into everyone’s opinions!!!!

    • Julie Joesph

      By that same logic, your idol Despo Padukone also must be a flop since she’s doing ‘Kochadaiiyaan’…

      • <3cppd<3

        kochadaiiyaan is already a hit film even bfor release bcoz it has dp. dp is not like ur idol FLOPEENa who is the queen of flops!!!
        remember heroine, agent vinod, satyagra, gtpm?????

        • Julie Joesph

          Rajanikath and Deepika padukone…and the movie is a hit becose of despo padukone??? u make me laugh, Despo’s PR created fan…

          • <3cppd<3

            keep dreaming and u gonna see the box office results.on thing for sure it will not be a disaster like ur flopeena has been delivering consecutively for almost 2 yrs!!!!

  • dhami

    bollywoodlife, why do u hate kareena so much. She is an inspiration and a favorite actor for many and always will be so stop lying cuz u dont know anything about her so go fuck yourself

  • barry

    She is 33 yrs old get your facts right!! We all know about your fav. Actress and how she support you money money.. Stop with hatefulllll articles I’ll find you Mr. JHADHAV and then i will beat you! This website is writing every time anti kareena articles.. this cheap try to defame a actress..

  • jadhave ki randi ma

    Parthamesh Jadhav sallle kutte teri ma raunchy item tere mohalle ke liye karti hogi!
    teri ma randi jo hai ! salle kutte kahin milgaya to itna marunga salle kutte ke teri randi dadi yaad aajay gi ….salla harmsada!!

  • jadhave ki randi ma

    Parthamesh Jadhav sallle kutte teri ma raunchy item tere mohalle ke liye karti hogi!
    teri ma randi jo hai ! salle kutte kahin milgaya to itna marunga salle kutte ke teri randi dadi yaad aajay gi ….salla harmsada!! tu kahin sara milmujhe

  • jadhave ki randi ma

    Parthamesh Jadhav sallle kutte teri ma raunchy item tere mohalle ke liye karti hogi!
    teri ma radi jo hai!!!!

  • bbb

    Bastardss bollywoodlife!!!! Biased website

  • FUcKyouBollywoodlife

    fuck website is so biased disgusting

  • anna

    Tell us who is paying you for this anti kareena propaganda?

  • bebofan

    Whats the point to bring this news out.. tell us why are you writing everytime against Bebo aka kareena? What is the reason who is paying you? Tell us why everytime biased headlines.. you dont like her!? She is not paying you? You people should not be biased.. why are you trying to defame kareena? Why?

  • Julie Joesph

    Get a life bollywoodlife…sure as hell seems like Deepika is the only one insecure in this entire scenario…she’s always on bebo attack mode, using u as her weapon…pathetic!!!

  • Julie Joesph

    Am sure everyday, you call up your mistress Deepika and wait for her to spill her venom against kareena and then publish it without delay…

  • Julie Joesph

    Despo Padukone and her paid site…made for each other…lol

  • Amrita

    Dont you see Bollywoodlife the comments here?People have exposed you better you take this serious. This website should take the readers serious or is it about Money?

  • Varsha

    Deepika-ki-life , I’m fed up of you guys! What’s with the whole anti-Kareena thing? You guys suck!

  • sak295

    WTF bollywoodlife!! STOP WRITING SHIT ABOUT BEBO!!!!!!!!

  • shinaya

    What a shit!! Stop with this hating!!!!!!!! you guys have written for months this negative articles towards KKK… Its enough you are so mean and rude!! What has she done to you? She is a successfulllll actress singham2 is a blockbuster for sure and next year she will rock why are you after her? Its getting annoying now..stopppp itttt

  • Nitmyself .tt

    She looks too old…better to do roles of mother

    • <3cppd<3

      +1 for your comment. you are right. she is already approached to play radhabai(mother’s role) in slb’s next