Kareena Kapoor Khan hates being compared to Alia Bhatt!

Mon, June 30, 2014 10:48am IST by
Kareena Kapoor Khan hates being compared to Alia Bhatt!

Recent images of the Highway actor posing with the Heroine of B-town

Three films old Alia Bhatt has been hailed as the new age Kareena Kapoor Khan by fans and media critics. While the comparisons might be valid given her meteoric rise to stardom and immense popularity with the fans, a l’il birdie from tinsel town told us that Kareena isn’t too thrilled being compared to Alia.While publicly Bebo has heaped lavish praises on Alia and complimented her on camera, behind the scenes once the tape starts rolling it’s quite a different scenario. Our source mentions that Kareena doesn’t like the fact that Alia is being labelled as the new Kareena Kapoor given the fact that Bebo hasn’t retired or called it quits! She feels that it’s too early for her to hang up her boots and have someone new replace her. Buzz is that she’s even mentioned this to her mentor and friend Karan Johar who launched Alia in Student of the Year.

Those who know Bebo will know how much she loves only person in the entire world – herself! So for her to publicly praise Alia who is not only younger to her but has also become the blue eyed girl of Dharma Productions, is quite a lot to handle in a short span.

We think that Kareena should feel on top of the world for having already become an icon in the industry and every new comer being compared or pitted against her. Only time will tell if Alia has the magic to fill Bebo’s big shoes!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • aisha

    Kareena is a good actress but her arrogance and high headedness is what i dislike, yet it’s quite disrespectful to compare her with her junior colleagues.

  • EE

    Insecure much?

  • sayari

    nobody is permanent in bollywood. she should be prepared for the fact that one day new generation will replace her. though it’s unfair to say alia is the new kareena kapoor cuz she has a long way to go.

    • farah

      she is prepared but you cant go and exchange a megastar with somone whos theree movies old…

  • nabs.19

    she’s better than Kareena..her highway performance was commendable..what kareena did in her 2nd movie??

    • farah

      she did chameli now what loser..

  • guest

    i think alia is similar to kareena but not kareena kapoor. kareena has been a successful heroine and a fantastic actress and probably the best we have in today’s bollywood .Comparing alia with kareena will only make it worse for alia’s career .Alia is not some copycat but she has her own style it can be only said that that kareena has a huge influence over alia .But again alia can never achieve the heights of kareena

  • JC

    Alia is just getting started. Tough to even compare. Kareena already has starred with some of the best Hindi actors in a variety of movies. Kareena has done movies with the 3 Khans, Saif Ali, Hrithik, Akshay, Shahid, Ajay, etc. Kareena is Bollywood royalty. When Alia has over a 10 year career then comparisons might be in order but not now.

  • farah

    how can anyone compare her to kareena!! kareena is a godess !!! she is boombastic bebo!! what is happening to those crazy people..are you on drugs…

  • farah

    #14GloriousYearsOfKareena >> alia is just a kid

  • farah

    if alia dosnt want us bebo fans against her she bettter should shut her fucking mouth!!!

    • sanyuktha

      oh hello ..i think its kareena who blabs…she is not sure of her own words..two years back she said she is fighting for equal payment blah blah..she appreciated vidya balan for her dirty picture…and had said that she would really love to do strong characters too…but now recently she just went against her own words…i think its kareena who is on …wel i wouldn’t complete that.

  • rida

    kareena is so proudy that’s why her career is going to end

  • kriya

    kareena grew as an actress..she was just average in her initial movies..but alia…well highway was her second movie still the way she delivered her role..it was flawless…she was excellent

  • lobo

    kareena alllll the way she is the best

  • saleen

    In the long run, Alia will turn out to be far better than Kareena!