Kareena Kapoor Khan refuses to acknowledge Southern superstar Suriya!

As per the buzz, Bebo was to do an item number in Southern superstar’s Anjaan, but looks like Kareena is unaware about any such development

Kareena Kapoor Khan might be out of work in Bollywood, but she’s not heading down South or then even to Hollywood. In fact when Ms Kapoor Khan was recent quizzed about doing an item song in Suriya’s Anjaan the actor refused to even acknowledge this superstar from South. Kareena bluntly said, “I don’t even know who Suriya and Linguswamy are. I’ve never seen them.”If that was not enough to infuriate Suriya fans, she also added, “I have zero interest in acting in non-Hindi films, whether it is down south or in Hollywood. I haven’t signed any such film. I don’t know where such baseless stories come from?”

Clearly Bebo might be out of offers in Bollywood but she is not willing to explore new shores. The real reason for Kareena not exploring outside Bollywood however is this, she said, “How can I emote in a language that I don’t know?I love the work being done in South Indian languages, Marathi and Bengali. But I’ll have to learn these languages to act in them.”

Well, Ms Kapoor Khan our suggestion is that with drying offers in Hindi films leaning a new language or two wouldn’t hurt, hai na? It might just give a fresh course to your soon fading filmi career. As for Suriya fans, we are sure they will not be offended once they find out about KKK lack of interest and knowledge of the industry.