Kareena Kapoor Khan refuses to acknowledge Southern superstar Suriya!

Kareena Kapoor Khan refuses to acknowledge Southern superstar Suriya!
Yogen Shah

As per the buzz, Bebo was to do an item number in Southern superstar’s Anjaan, but looks like Kareena is unaware about any such development

Kareena Kapoor Khan might be out of work in Bollywood, but she’s not heading down South or then even to Hollywood. In fact when Ms Kapoor Khan was recent quizzed about doing an item song in Suriya’s Anjaan the actor refused to even acknowledge this superstar from South. Kareena bluntly said, “I don’t even know who Suriya and Linguswamy are. I’ve never seen them.”If that was not enough to infuriate Suriya fans, she also added, “I have zero interest in acting in non-Hindi films, whether it is down south or in Hollywood. I haven’t signed any such film. I don’t know where such baseless stories come from?”

Clearly Bebo might be out of offers in Bollywood but she is not willing to explore new shores. The real reason for Kareena not exploring outside Bollywood however is this, she said, “How can I emote in a language that I don’t know?I love the work being done in South Indian languages, Marathi and Bengali. But I’ll have to learn these languages to act in them.”

Well, Ms Kapoor Khan our suggestion is that with drying offers in Hindi films leaning a new language or two wouldn’t hurt, hai na? It might just give a fresh course to your soon fading filmi career. As for Suriya fans, we are sure they will not be offended once they find out about KKK lack of interest and knowledge of the industry.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • gg

    why do u people keep on pulling kareena’s leg first you post a fake article http://www.bollywoodlife.com/news-gossip/kareena-kapoor-khan-goes-raunchy-for-surya/ that she is doing a item no. in south film and when she denies such rumours u start posting hate articles against her .What is your problem this is not journalism this is clear case of hatred and what is their to get shocked if she doesn’t know suriya many bollywood actors and actress don’t know him .I agree he is famous but bollywood is a separate industry and south industry is different u can’t keep track of everything and what is this fading career ? what about gabbar,singham 2,bombay samurai,batameez dil ? u seriously need to do more research before posting ridiculous articles u people don’t know what to post and blame celebrities for it

  • guest

    fuck u bollywood life this anti kareena articles needs to be stopped

    • Lafoot

      Kareena Kapoor is a has been … she was never a major hit, she just surfed the bollywood on major banners and heros. Now that she is married like every other married heroine she will wither away in Bollywood. And good for Bollywood we don’t need Katrina or any star kid who feels they own bollywood. Good Bye Kareena ..good riddance

      • reshmaRandi

        Hahaha reshma is answering here..lol!?
        We love bebo!! You cant bring her down!!

      • guest

        lol!!!!!!!! first go learn english and then reply to me ur comment is full of hatred lol everyone can see it u bitch u hate kareena keep hating her u bitch but u can’t bring her down

  • HaramsadiReshma

    Why have you delete my comment!? Bitch reshma whats the problem your motherfucker website has written the article of her making an item nbr in south indian industry than you ignored the part of april fool? And now you bash her..again? Slut website paid by padukaun!! Disgusting kutte kanjer

  • yolo

    Kutte bollywoodlife making 24/7 anti kareena articles!!!

  • jimmy

    Fuck you paid website biased article

  • sunshine

    Days ago you have written these baseless article ans bashed her for dancing ans now Ou are bashing her for not doing an item nbr in south!!!!! Rly? Shame on you

  • Lastvisit

    Website is against kareena and they are paid by someone :@ first you lied with the article where you claimed you is dojng a dirty item nbr your words! You claimed in that article how poor she is dancing in south india! Than you ignored to mention it was a joke 1april fool etc! Than you have written now again a article where you claim how rude she is!? Hoe can she say no to south indian super duper star :/ tell ua what do you want from Kareena!? Money or is it aboutbeeing biased..are you not taking us your readers serious..or why are you posting and posting the same anti kareena article everyday!? Do you see how many times people have written to stop hating..you make us your readers sad and hurt by writing hateful articles stop…give us and kareena a break!

  • suriya fan

    i am a huge fan of suriya but u can’t expect someone like kareena to know his name .Kareena is one of the top actress of bollywood suriya is a star in south it doesn’t necessarily mean that they both should know each other .Kareena worked with rajini sir on the sets of ra one she even proclaimed him the best . I don’t think kareena meant any disrespect towards suriya she is the best and not only in bollywood but even in southern industry . It is the media which is disrespectful by posting such baseless articles i feel the writer should be fired

  • kkk fan

    so i live in mumbai nd evn i dont know who this suriya is? came to know bout him only when i read cheapika ki life’s fake article bout itm number how can u expect superstar kareena to know about him? star who get barely any time for demselves u expect dem to keep track of others loll disgusting!
    as for fading career-she’s been fr 15yrs and dis industry runs on relations nd she has made enough friends here
    luv u bebo she ain’t goin anywhere just a low career phase

  • kkk.rulez

    FUCK OFF bollywoodlife and Rashma!!! You need to fucking back off of Bebo, you’re just jealous of her, but you cant even get close to her you ugly mother fucking bitch. Why u always writing shit about her, first go look at yourself in the mirror ugly bastard.