Kareena Kapoor Khan to romance Pakistani actor Fawad Khan?

Kareena Kapoor Khan to romance Pakistani actor Fawad Khan?
Kareena Kapoor Khan - Yogen Shah

Yes! As per the latest buzz, Bebo will star opposite Fawad in YRF’s next venture. Now that’s an interesting pairing, hai na?

After walking out of Karan Johar’s ambitious film Shuddhi, Kareena Kapoor Khan’s much-hyped film Bombay Samurai with Farhan Akhtar also took a back seat. But we are sure Kareena isn’t worried coz the B-town beauty has now bagged a plum project. We hear Saif Ali Khan’s wifey has bagged Yash Raj Films next featuring Pakistani heartthrob Fawad Khan in the lead. Though there has been no official announcement regarding the same, a Pakistani newspaper recently confirmed the news about Kareena and Fawad coming together for an YRF film. Apparently, it’s an intense love story and will go on floors at the end of this year.

Fawad, who shot to fame with television soap Humsafar, will make his Bollywood debut with Khoobsurat opposite Sonam Kapoor. If the grapevine is indeed true then wethinks Fawad is already making his presence felt in Bollywood, hai na?

Earlier rumours were rife that Parineeti Chopra was also being considered for the YRF film. But looks like, KKK has walked away with the project. Good for her considering coz a Yash Raj film can wonders to an actor’s career, no? Something Kareena desperately needs, hai na?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • EE

    Kareena Kapoor – Pack up time . Extremely arrogant lady , deserves this . Stuck with unknown heroes as no big star wants to act with her anymore

    • Ola

      Who is this idiot? Hai na? Sahalah!

    • Hamid

      your mama is unknown Fawad Khan is a very known! He is talented and handsome and kareena is beautiful and the QUEEN of not only india but pakistan too!!

      • anon

        No one really gives a f*** if he is popular in PAKISTHAN. The only reason bebo is working with him is becoz she is jobless right now.

        • Laila Shah

          How rude. There is no need resort to profane language to express your opinion.

          Anyway, exciting news. Fawad is a wonderful actor, and arguably one of the best in the business right now. Wish him success.

          • anon

            More like Ali Zafar part 2.

          • Talisa

            I loved humsafar dude…..and i think hes a great addition to B-family.

          • tsa

            Tell your dad to replace him?

          • lia

            uhmm nope. fawad can act. ali can only sing.

        • Maestro1992

          You probably haven’t seen his acting or otherwise you wouldn’t be here hating him for no reason. And btw, YRF is the one of the biggest production companies in India, so yeah, it’s a big deal that he has been offered the lead. But the Indian audience doesn’t care about acting, does it ? You’re gonna keep watching the likes of Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor who can sing and dance and flex their muscles but can’t act shit. That’s the sad part.

      • Akram

        Fawad is not talented but overrated…Shaan Shahid is way better than this guy…Leave aside Humsafar where he was in his element, he is just an avg. actor to be honest…What has Fawad done for Pakistani cinema?

  • Laila

    Why would you put ‘hai na?’ at the end of practically every ‘article’? The news reported on this site is inana anyways but adding this kind of language just makes the reporting even more irritating then it already is…

  • milaram

    kareena is the remaining queen, 2014 is her year.

  • Ola

    Bollywoodlifer, you too need Kareena Kapoor’s news desperately to get comments, hai na? Congrats Bebolicious, I am happy for you.

  • Sherry

    This I m looking forward to because fawad is a brilliant actor. Can’t wait for both the films with fawad.

  • LongLiveTheQueenKareena

    wahhhhhh kia khabar hai love him and this beauty awwwwwww good news <3

  • Critic

    Though Fawad is a very talented actor but Kareena will continue to touch the lows because of her arrogance. On the other hand, she is also married now which is a negative point for her career. Not every actor can attain international fame after marriage like Dimple jee, Shabana jee and Kajol. Kareena is apparently the gossip queen of industry. She doesn’t care what the movie is about but what she cares about is the main lead. These facts are disclosed in Koffee with Karan’s latest season by various celebrities.Gone are the days when she picked roles like Chameli and Omkara which no actor could have dared to choose. KKK is past now. Deepika and Sonam are going to lead the box-office now. Apparently, Deepika is the reigning queen.

    • Tisya

      Oh realy for how many days deepika kali billi babe………………………..s as u know every dog has its own day so chill

  • maria

    best of luck

  • Neha Behl

    Fawad khan is awesome actor

    • Jasmine

      Yes I like him too…..after watch his shows …I can definitely say that he’ll do his best in Bollywood…
      All the best to him.

  • afshana bhat

    looking forward to see fawad khan in khoobsurat….n may his future in bollywood ahead be the brightest f all….cz fawad is awesome

  • fareedda

    kareena and fawad were indeed going to work together ina YRF film but due to her other movie schedules the project kept getting delayed, fawad dint want to loose tie waiting for the go green signal so left the project and signed a 2 movie deal. one of them is battle for bittora going to be released in 2015 maybe and another one where its rumours that parineeti chopra would be lead. he already has 2 movie prjects in pakistan too so dont know when he will get time to work with kareena again. anyways kareena and him would have made a nice couple its just sad they could not work together. goodluck to them both. just hope fawad keeps hisjealth and takes care of himself, he is not supposed toeat alot of sweets or carbs due to his diebetes. his wife coks and takes care of him alot but with her not being there in india on sets he lost alot of weight as he does not get to eat proper food to keep his energy up and fainting spells away.

  • zeb

    I really want to see something new in Bollywood… N the combo kareena n fawad its wowwww …..