Kareena Kapoor loses a brand endorsement to Priyanka Chopra

Kareena Kapoor loses a brand endorsement to Priyanka Chopra

The Singham Returns actor has lost out on being the face of a brand to PC

There was a time when Kareena Kapoor Khan was chosen as the face of some really popular brands and that was because the actor was at the peak of her career. Now the actor doesn’t indulge in many brand endorsements. Recently we heard that a brand by the name Heroine roped in Priyanka Chopra instead of Bebo as the face of its label.

Its shocking because Kareena Kapoor has acted in the Madhur Bhandarkar film titled Heroine hence she should have been the more obvious choice for the brand label!

Kareena has the requisite glam quotient and she is a true-blue heroine in every way but the brand owners though it better to choose PC as the face of the label probably because she now has a bigger fan following than Kareena.

Lets hope that Kareena does a lot more brand endorsements to keep connecting with her audiences.


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  • fewet

    This site is anti-kareena. Kareena rejected elaichi ad which eventually went to pc. So why did not you guys make an article then?

    • Prashant Srivastava

      Yess agreed. If u are posting any updates. Dont take someones side. Or if u dont have full information sit at home and dont post. Kareena s far better than any other actress…

  • najatlovekiss

    bollywoodlife you guys are loser

  • ayesha

    priyanka is a FUCK . she is ugly and fake girl ( plastic surgery )……LOVE U KAREENA FOREVER

    • Rahul

      priyanka is the best


    this site is really against kareena. she is the brand ambassador of JAGUAR. JAGUAR……… GOT it ??? IF U DONT LIKE SOME BODY ITS OK BUT U CANT MAKE STUFF OUT OF UR MIND.. A GOOD JOURNALIST SHOULD CHECK HIS OR HER FACTS PROPERLY

  • Ava

    I think it’s fair because Kareena is very rude so even her career has come to an end. She comments on everyone and thinks that she is the best…..
    I think it’s mainly because of her attitude that she is not on the top. Karens has only one movie that is singham 2 in which she does not have a prominent role so she can bounce back to her original stardom. Priyanka is very beautiful and sexy…. The problem with many backward Indians is that they are not open to everything. In their opinion fair= beautiful…. Ask any foreigner they will tell that priyanka is better. And as for her lips , they add beauty to her face……I don’t get why everyone has to comment using such bad language ……you can tell that you don’t like priyanka in a polite manner too.

    • Rony

      U are completely right i think kareena carrer has come to an end Pc rock , and there is no polite behaviour now days if u dont agree with someone opinion u get screwed

      • Rahul

        pc rock forever kareena kapoor fans always abuse pc

    • Rahul

      yes priyanka is better

  • pcqueen

    Priyanka rocks while toohreena sucks

  • Gunday 14th Feb ❤️

    Yayyyyyyy super excited

  • somi

    always the same shit comes up from you bollywoodfuckers! both are amazing but there is no denying you people are biased damn losers

  • somi

    kareena is the Queen what evaaaaa you do or say no one cares!!