Kareena Kapoor: My role in ‘Bodyguard’ is the best so far!

Yes, that’s what the Kapoor babe said in a recent interview, and she added that it was better than what she had done in RA.One and in Aamir next. But we are sure she was joking…or was she?

No actor will go on record and say they had a bad role in a film, especially when the film’s producer or a relative is around. But Kareena Kapoor is known to speak her mind. Or so we thought. But sometimes she sounds like she is spouting the same PR guff that everyone does when a film is set to release. Just like she did during a promotion interview of Bodyguard. Bebo was asked, in which of her forthcoming films opposite the three Khans did she have the best role. Her instant reaction was to start giggling. We did not really expect Kareena to name SRK’s or Aamir’s film, especially with the Dabangg dude Salman Khan seated right next to her during the interview. So while we will have wait and judge for ourselves which film was the best, here’s Kareena opinion: “I think after Jab We Met this film is my best role.” Well, she clarified that she wasn’t saying it because Salman was around, but we don’t buy it. Bodyguard is intrinsically a Salman flick, so we don’t think Kareena had much to do except smile and add a glamour quotient to it. Anyways, we cannot help wondering how her other Khan friends – Aamir and Shahrukh – will react to this statement.