Kareena Kapoor pouts on the poster of Singham 2

We love Bebo’s signature look on the first look of the film

There is only one Kareena Kapoor and despite the numerous imitations and attempted duplications, no one can pout like her! Kareena’s pout has been chronicled over the years in movies, magazine covers and the recent obsession – selfies! Now, we get to see her pout in all her glory on one of the five posters of Singham 2.

Despite being an Ajay Devgn film, Singham 2 is particulary exciting because it reunites Bebo with one of her favourite directors Rohit Shetty. The two have given a series of hits with Golmaal series and now with Singham 2 the action gets bigger and better! We can’t wait to see Kareena’s first look and if sources are to be believed then apart from the action scenes, Bebo is a big attraction in Singham 2.