Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Katrina Kaif: Who is the biggest heroine?

Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Katrina Kaif: Who is the biggest heroine?

Which female actor will walk away with all the accolades and the moolah this year? Vote and tell us…

While everyone’s been focusing on the Khans and their big box office battle, there’s some super tough competition brewing amidst our heroines this year. 2012 has been a significant year for women in Bollywood, and many films led by the fairer sex are attracting audiences.

While rave reviews for Priyanka Chopra’s Barfi! performance are yet to die down, Kareena Kapoor is getting set for her Friday release, Heroine – one of the most hyped women centric films of the year. Priyanka’s portrayal of the autistic girl Jhilmil will give way to Kareena’s superglam avatar as a mainstream Bollywood star. Barfi! has been declared a hit and that does put pressure on Heroine.

While Priyanka has a Rs 100 crore film or two to her name, Kareena has not had a great year so far. Her films Agent Vinod and Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu received a lukewarm response from critics and the audience alike. So Kareena has a lot to prove with her forthcoming Madhur Bhandarkar flick.

Just a few weeks after Heroine,  Sachin Kundalkar’s Aiyyaa starring Rani Mukerji’s will hit the big screen. So this year the fight is not limited to the current crop of young leading ladies. Two experienced actors who almost lost their place in the industry are trying to make a comeback in movies that focus on them. Yes, we are talking about Rani Mukerji – who will play the Marathi mulgi in the quirky comedy flick – and Priety Zinta in her home production Ishkq In Paris – a romantic flick. The two films are generating some positive buzz. Aiyyaa will release on October 12 and Ishkq in Paris on November 2.

But all these girls also have big competiton in the form of an star actor who is coming back to films after 20 years – Sridevi, whose English Vinglish revolves around her. This one looks really promising.

Let’s not forget that it all began with this year’s first release – Vidya Balan’s Kahaani. This thriller set this year up as one of the most exciting ever for the mainstream Bollywood “actress”, and we cannot forget the contribution made by a lady who was referred to as the ‘female Khan’ after the stupendous success of The Dirty Picture. Kahaani was followed by a strong performance by the one-film-old Parineeti Chopra, who played the part of fiery small town girl with tons of conviction. She is too new to be put in the same bracket as the real stars, but you cannot forget that she walked away with all the accolades for Ishaqzaade.

Katrina Kaif hasn’t really been in the game this year. But she has a big release opposite Shahrukh Khan in the form of Yash Chopra’s Jab Tak Hain Jaan. It remains to be seen whether she will manage to make a mark in this out-and-out SRK film. Must say that awards show organisers are going to have a tough time giving out the Best Actress Award this year! Whom will they please? And we won’t be surprised if a few actors have to share that trophy!

Vote and tell who you right now is the biggest heroine of Bollywood.

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  • pp


    • JOHN

      priyanka chopra she the best barfi ;)

  • Faiz Aryan

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  • akash

    kareena is best in the world

  • alice

    Priyanka chopra’s role in Barfi as jhilmil is amazing and outstanding. I don’t think any of the above mentioned actresses can beat priyanka as jhilmil!

  • sara khan


  • sara khan

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  • Saheli

    Vidya! Because she does women-centric films unlike her counterparts who play second fiddle 65% of the time!

    • sid

      hello sara ha tum thank

  • Meh PaTeL

    because she is best in the world………….. :)

  • prerna bundel

    priyanka chopra is d best actress ever..

  • Bollywoodfan

    Lmfaooo I can’t believe katrina is on the run for best actress. Anyway as of now ptiyanka has no competition as her performance in barfi exceeds the others by a very long margin.

  • bapu

    only kajol

  • Alpha Ahmad Jallow

    where is Aishwarya rai bachchan.

    • Varsha

      Even I was wondering the same. Ash is the biggest superstar heroine, most popular one too. I guess since she had no movies this year she is not included.

  • Tarun

    Katreena kaif is d most beautiful barbie girl in this world.

  • Tarun

    Ye heroine jo sabki insult kar rahi hai na agar iski movie aaj nahi chali toh ye infuture koi movie nahi karegi in this year.

  • sara

    Kareena Kapoor shes gorgeous i love her acting and she have brain and shes Natural i love her for that… not botox plastic surgery fake rest actress in Bollywood like pc botox Katrina no acting aish fake slut

  • memo

    priyanka chopra……..becoz she does justice to her chracters

  • suman aswal

    pc is the best actress as she has talent and has good looks ,even katrina is stunning as personality but lacks in acting skiis

  • Ann

    PC, Katrina, Kareena are the first??????? R u mad people???
    I prefer real actresses like Sri, Rani and PZ! Vote for RANI!

  • Tayyab Qureshi

    awesome PRIYANKA CHOPRA is the biggest actress



  • SilverC

    PC is the best – no doubt about that!

  • Jitesh

    Priyanka chopra as Jhilmil in film Barfi! Just outstanding, she breaks all records of acting skills. PC deserves National Award and the Oscar award for the bestest best actress for the film Barfi

  • nvb

    Its pc

  • Inaya

    Rani!! Apart from maybe Sridevi, she can kill these other actresses with her eyes closed, though I love P.C and thought whe was fab as Jhilmil. The very fact Katrina is on this list proves awards are rigged.

  • Salman

    Katrina kaif is queen of bollywood for breaking records. she is most searched in internet Katrina kaif acting skills r awesome

  • Salman

    Pc acting skills r bad she is worst actres in bollywood barfi was a deaf mute booring movie jhilmil was fully sunky girl

  • ash

    we love pc…her acting skills make her no 1…she do not have any god-father like kareena,katrina and others…this prove that she is the best of best!

  • Amit Singh

    pc u rocks as well in silent mode………….be barfi

  • astha kataria

    as always kareena will rockkkkk this tym 2……………
    she is the best n she need nt 2 prove dis………
    n as far as awards r concerned dis tym all of them will b in d beautiful hands of bebo……..
    i luv u bebo…………….:)

  • soud

    No one can beat Vidya Balan. She was great in The Dirty Picture.

  • henry phipon

    in bollywood one n only biggest heroine is …priyanka chopra

  • henry phipon

    pee cee is the best heroine in bollywood.no one compared with pc.

  • farnesol

    hi. am pc’s most loved fan. the only competition to priyanka is vidya balan. others are glam dolls with minimal talents. this year, all best actress awards (popular) including national award must go to priyanka chopra. kareena is allowed to take home the critics best actress award lol.

  • farnesol

    katrina kaif’s position in this poll should be substituted for parineeti chopra. pls katrina has zero acting skills but is an amazing beauty to watch on screen, while parineeti chopra is the next kajol. that one-movie old babe can act like meryl steep. i hope parineeti gets a best actress nomination for her role in ishaqzaade. she was mindblowing n so effortless unlike kareena that was struggling to make an impact in HEROINE.

  • farnesol

    seriously, rani murkerji is over-hyped. all i hv seen her do is cry and jump around. the only time she ever truly deserved a best actress award was in BLACK. i think she so called ‘ruled bollywood’ was in the days of preity zinta n kareena kapoor who were moderate actresses not in this era of the FEMALE KHAN- VIDYA n the so much evolved priyanka chopra ( the only true talented actresses, d only women dt can pull of an entire movie alone on their shoulders n come out succeesfully). lets see what rani does in aiya n talaash lol.

    • Arun

      You will see . Rani is one of the best actresses bollywood has ever seen . May be boxoffice didnt favour but so what . You’ll get to know her power after the release of Aiyyaa

  • farnesol

    1.priyanka chopra
    2.vidya balan
    3.parineeti chopra
    4.kareena kapoor
    6.rani mukerji

  • farnesol

    pc roccks, bidya bagchi roccks ha ha

  • farnesol

    HEROINE is already forgotten. BARFEE,KAHAANI,FASHION n DIRTY PICTURE ARE STILL IN THE HEARTS OF PEOPLE even in the years to come. So who rules, pc n vidya rule.

  • farnesol

    pc all the way.

  • farnesol

    the most bankable actresses box office-wise;
    1.vidya balan,
    2.priyanka chopra
    3.katrina kaif.
    the most talented actresses;
    2.priyanka chopra
    3.vidya balan
    4.parineeti chopra
    5.kareena kapoor
    6.aishwarya rai
    7.rani mukerji
    8.anuksha sharma
    9.deepika padukone
    10.katrina kaif

  • farnesol

    the most beautiful actresses;
    1.aishwarya rai
    2.katrina kaif
    3.deepika padukone
    4.priyanka chopra
    5.sonam kapooor
    6.rani mukerji
    7.parineeti chopra
    8.kareena kapoor
    9.anuksha sharma
    10.vidya balan

  • farnesol

    the sexiest actresses,
    1.katrina kaif
    2.priyanka chopra
    3.deepika padukone
    4.bipasha basu
    5.aishwarya rai
    6.sonam kapoor
    7.anuksha sharma
    8.amrita arora
    9.kareena kapoor
    10.chitagadra singh

  • farnesol

    my most loved actresses;
    1.priyanka chopra
    2.aishwarya rai
    3.katrina kaif
    4.parineeti chopra
    6.vidya balan
    7.deepika padukone
    8.karishma kapoor
    9.rani mukerji
    10.kareena kapoor

  • farnesol

    bollywood’s best jodi;
    2.hrithik roshan/aishwarya rai
    3.akshya kumar/katrina kaif
    4.ranbir kapoor/priyanka chopra
    5.saif ali khan/deepika padukone
    6.arjun kapoor/parineeti chopra

  • farnesol

    best actress nominations 2013;
    pc for BARFEE (popular)
    vidya balan for KAHAANI
    kareena kapoor for HEROINE (critics)
    parineeti chopra for ISHAQZAADE
    bipashu basu for RAAZ 3
    sridevi for ENGLISH VINGLISH

  • akash

    kareena kapoor is the boest

  • nisR

    priyanka, pc, piggy chops = Diva, Talented, Beautiful
    best actress. you go girl. and In My City rocks tooooo
    love from Afghanistan!

  • Harsh

    r u kiddin me!
    ofcourse Priyanka.
    national award # 2 is waiting for ur hands!!!

  • Ambika

    Best actress post the rani kajol era.
    diffntly best actress of her generation (the ones that came after 2000)

  • deep

    kreena is the best in bollywood

    • khalil

      Yes kreena is the best actress in bolywul.

  • jijo

    where is DEEPIKA PADUKONE?

  • Abubakar Abdulwahab

    kareena kapoor is the biggest heroine now in bollywood becouse the she act in her film (heroine) known of these female actress can act and make it looks awesome…and let turn to her second movie in this year (agent vinod) the movie is an action film wher she act along side with her life partner saif ali khan…and as you know priyanka use to act in action film but most of them i dont fine them more interest like kareena’s movie..even though kareena act in one’s movie name tashan where the movie doesn’t match her,she doesn’t suppose to be in tashan

    • shamsher

      of corse kareeeeena kapoooooooooooooooooooooor

  • Saba

    Priyanka you totally deserve it

  • Tasmeena

    r u kiddin me!
    ofcourse Katriina Kaif .
    she is the best heroine in bollywood.no one compared with katrina . she deserve it ..

    • neha

      u seriously need mental treatment katrina best heroine ….lol……heroine has to act nd she cant act she boring nd ugly.

    • AYAN


  • nishaiqbal65

    kareena kappor is best



  • zahra

    oh no katrina is an actress?u kidding?
    she is awful.she is just eatiful nothing else
    she cant act good
    she cant say her diloges well.
    just kajol. she is the best she knows what is acting.

  • rahulshingte

    well PRIYANKA is the best……u cam see it on barf! her acting OOO HANDS DOWN…..SHE IS GREATEST

  • rajat bansal


  • rasik

    The poll closed before most of the Sridevi fans could knew abt it. Thats why her vote share is looking lean here.
    on some other site Sri has got lions share in votes despite her rival’s fans casting multiple /fake votes.

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  • geeta shukla

    katrina should be in 1 she is very preety and beautiful

    • ajay

      Being Pretty and beautifull is not Criteria for Becomeing Number One. In terms of Critical Acclaim Katrina is Zero

    • Maya Gill

      what about the acting??? she cant act for crying out loud!!!!

  • arya

    sexy sexy

  • zakir

    kareena kapoor is biggest star

  • riyaz

    kareena kapoor is the biggest heroine now in bollywood

  • zaara

    kareena kappor is best

  • parvez

    kareena kapoor is no1 heroine of bollywood no one is sexy as kareena she desires to be best actresss love u parvezzzz

  • Maya Gill


  • adnan

    kareena is best…..no one can be like her

  • salu

    Nic kareena

  • kareena kapoor

    Hi my fans