Kareena Kapoor-Rakhi Sawant: Stark style contrast!

The two babes were recently spotted at the People’s Choice Awards posing for the shutterbugs together. And trust us, Ms Sawant looked like the absolute antithesis to Bebo’s classy style

We really think it was very cordial of Kareena Kapoor to pose with item queen Rakhi Sawant, especially after the kind of hogwash Ms Motormouth had spoken about Saif Ali Khan and their marriage. But we guess Bebo hasn’t felt the need to indulge in a verbal lashing-out session. Her style statement is enough to give Rakhi that much needed complex and leave her speechless, at least for a short duration. So while Kareena showed up in an elegant white floor-length gown, Sawant messed up by wearing a flowy anarkali. Although we have nothing against traditional ensembles, those puff sleeves put us off big time. And adding to the visual pollution is her garish eye-shadow, the sparkling hem and those eww bangles.

Kareena and Rakhi look like the perfect instance of an urban versus a rural fashion statement. And as Bebo uses the bright red lipstick to her style advantage, Rakhi messes up by overdoing the bling thing. We suggest the next time Rakhi plans to wear such an outfit, she chooses the nearest tree in the vicinity which is decorated and lit up for the occasion, to pose alongside. At least that would complement her oh-so-LS fashion sense – what say, readers?