Kareena Kapoor shoots a ‘mujra’ in 21 hours

Dancing for the special number in Agent Vinod left Bebo exhausted and bruised

Kareena Kapoor, who recently shot for a mujra for beau Saif Ali Khan’s production Agent Vinod didn’t have the best time during its filming. “I want to kill Saif! I wrapped up the song in 21 hours flat and now I’m sighing over my bruised hands and feet,” she said. The thing is that Bebo had no time for rehearsals and Saif hurried the director to get it shot quickly because he new that Bebo didn’t have dates later. The actor is quite happy with the way the song has turned out though. “I was anxious and exhausted, but the song has turned out really well. Saif was on the sets while it was being shot and he is really happy. Seeing the producer happy makes me happy,” she said. This is Kareena’s first mujra and it has been choreographed by Saroj Khan. But in a recent interview, when she was praised for her dancing skills, the Chammak Challo girl said, “No way! Maybe in the acting department I can give my contemporaries a run for their money, but when it comes to dancing, the other girls are so much more graceful and proficient that I get scared just looking at them.” Now, now, aren’t you being way too modest, Bebo?