Kareena Kapoor takes on Shahrukh and Salman Khan!

The gorgeous actor claims she’s fed up of just “standing behind” the two Khans in a film

Looks like the criticism Kareena Kapoor received for her performance – or lack there of – in RA.One and Bodyguard that has really hit a nerve. Her fans and critics were upset with the fact that she had precious little to do in these movies. While they had made their displeasure known, this is the first time Kareena has spoken about it. The actor revealed earlier today at the India Today Conclave that she is excited about Heroine for more than just its script qualities. “It’s turning out pretty well… It’s an exciting journey of an actress, she is slightly schizophrenic and she has got these different mood swings it’s very difficult for me to do…But I am glad there is a role like this. It is fun not to stand behind Shahrukh and Salman in a movie but prove yourself as an actor.”

We agree Kareena is trying really hard to balance her commercial hits with meaningful roles. For every Bodyguard and RA.One she has done Chameli, Dev, Omkara and Heroine. But does this mean she accepted RA.One and Bodyguard because of her friendship with Shahrukh and Salman? Or was it for less altruistic reasons (read: money)? Hadn’t she said during Bodyguard promotions that she loved the role in the film? Is it that her challenging role in Heroine is making Bebo rethink about doing an item number in Dabangg 2? Bebo darling, please tell all!

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