Kareena Kapoor wants Ranbir Kapoor to break her record!

The Talaash actor feels her first cousin Ranbir has the potential to surpass her awards count

Kareena Kapoor has bagged six Filmfare Award trophies in her career and her cousin Ranbir Kapoor has got four of the lovely black ladies, while their grandfather, the late filmmaker Raj Kapoor was awarded as many as 11 Filmfares. Now, Kareena hopes her fave cousin Ranbir surpasses the family’s record and goes on to win many more of those coveted trophies. Here’s what she said,

“But I have a very tough competition in my own family now. You never know, soon Ranbir might cross my record and that of my grandfather. But that would surely be a very joyous moment for our family.”

– Kareena Kapoor

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