Karisma’s back in the filmy league!

The senior Kapoor gal is coming back to Bollywood, but is she making the right choices?

It’s surprising that Karisma Kapoor, the actress who can proudly show off the labels she has earned over the years as an intense actress, is finally making a comeback with a movie titled Dangerous Ishq and, apparently, with an item number in Housefull 2. Do we really want to see her in these jazzy avatars or would we prefer to see her playing more of the Zubeidaa kinda roles? Will Satte Pe Satta – which we hear she is considering doing after both Vidya Balan and Madhuri Dixit refused to be part of the huge cast – be that platform for her ‘comeback’? A title truly plays an integral role in deciding the fate of any movie. And there are times we don’t regret our decision of not watching a movie because we hate the name. Say, for instance, Kareena Kapoor’s Kambakkht Ishq, which was a half-dud already, by the time the promos aired. Will sister Karisma’s Dangerous Ishq share the same fate, considering both names sound equally cheesy? We wonder why these two talented sisters have to resort to such films, especially when they are capable of doing so much more. Established actresses like Karisma should make a genuine effort to change the face of the industry rather than getting stuck in the vicious rut of crass-mass commercialism. All we are saying is that we have a lot of Rakhi Sawants and Sherlyn Chopras to do item numbers, so it would great to see the one and only Karisma Kapoor do something that defies stereotypes. Meanwhile, we just wait and watch and hope that our gyaan doesn’t fall on deaf ears!