Karisma Kapoor undergoes past life regression

An exclusive clip from the babe’s recent movie Dangerous Ishhq is out and it gives us a fair idea of what the film is all about

The makers of Dangerous Ishhq have come up with an innovative idea to promote their film. They have released an exclusive clip, in which Karisma is seen undergoing past life regression therapy. The concept of past life regression has always fascinated the audience. Books based on this subject have turned out to be bestsellers and reality shows dealing with it have managed to achieve decent TRPs. But will the film manage to impress people? We aren’t quite sure of that yet. And even if it does, Kapoor will definitely have a sleeper hit on her film resume.

The film also gives references of Dr Brian Weiss in its promos. Weiss is the author of Many Lives, Many Masters, and he talks about the concept of past-life in his book with much profundity.

We hope this psychological-thriller turns out to be a decent watch!