Karisma Kapoor’s husband Sunjay Kapur to marry socialite Priya Sachdev?

Karisma Kapoor’s husband Sunjay Kapur to marry socialite Priya Sachdev?

That’s what recent rumours suggest. Although the last we heard was that Karisma has been trying really hard to save her marriage, it’s suddenly disheartening to discover that despite all efforts, the relationship is on the verge of coming to a halt

Karisma Kapoor and her Delhi-based husband Sunjay Kapur have been struggling to make their marriage work, but it seems like there are certain things in life that can’t be stretched for too long. It also looks like the couple had reached the end of their tether in the relationship, which is why they have no other option but to part ways. The recent twist in the story, we hear, is that Sunjay has clearly moved on and is all set to marry socialite Priya Sachdev. Priya is New York-based hotelier Vikram Chatwal’s ex-wife and has been seeing Sunjay for quite some time now.

Although Karisma has maintained a deadly silence on her private life till now, we quite admire the way she has been dealing with the whole issue in a dignified manner. And as she is all set to start afresh in Bollywood, we wish this yummy mommy best of luck and hope her divorce (if it’s true) marks a new beginning in her life…Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • sajani

    feel very sorry for Karisma.

    • bobby

      o shut very bad of it sssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Ajnabee

    She is my favorite actress, i felt sad wen she did not marry AB…she is is still hot n very pretty mum…dont know the fact about Sanjay Kapur n her but i wish her all the best for her future…keep rocking KR…from prem quaidi to dangerous ishk u r fabbbbbbb God bless u

  • Saira

    Why her mom meddled between her and Abhishekh’s relationship? She would have been soooo happy if she was married to Abhishek Bacchan. What a huge mistake. I pray she finds a great guy!

  • satish kumar

    ye to hona hi tha… ye baat to shadi se pahle hi sabko pata hoga.

  • divya

    what a B****, how can he do this to her !

  • mashu

    let it be ENJOY your life along with kides ,wisheing u a lot

  • sulekha sharma

    If she lives in Bombay and he lives in Delhi , what kind of home life did they have. For the kids dad was always the visitor. Homes are not built on long distance. This happened once to Simi grewal. These chics can’t leave their razzle dazzle life behind. i’m sorry for the kids. i hate marital breakups unless one of them is a monster.
    sulekha Sharma

  • mehboobkhan

    karisma herself is a product of broken marriage or say distant marriage secondly babita is always medling lady,and sanjay kapur a casnova by nature i feel great symphathy for such anice woman this should not happen she must forgive her career and concentrate at delhi only to salvage her marriage
    allah is with her and bebo is with her

  • nikki

    I think Karishma is amazing. I think we should leave this alone.
    Why do people or the paparazzi even exist. Why can’t people just leave others personal lives alone.
    What issues they had, have are worsened by all this.
    Let them be for god’s sake.

    Just let them be and let their lives be.
    They are human beings just like you and me.

    • Suresh

      Yes, I agree but then both of us read this stuff and write about it!!! When there is demand someone has to supply!

  • axioftofipawl

    I wanted to be familiar with what can support a bee in at one’s animation so that’s forth it not who could not turn an true answer.

  • murtaza


  • sunil

    she can do anything to cum bak in bollywood

  • usman

    first of all you tell me can u cam back bollywood and start car3er and you are satisfied to marry of your elder sister kareena kapoor with saif ali khan.

  • papu

    can i friendship with u?

  • surabhi

    what is the point of staying together,when both of them dont have a emotional connect.life is above all of dis,let them make their own path