Kasam 23rd September, 2016 full episode written update: Rishi throws a devastated Tanuja out of the house!

Tanuja (Kratika Sengar) cries and looks at the moon. Rishi (Ssharad Malhotra) comes behind her and she turns. He comes close to her and is about to wipe the tears from her face. The trance ends. Tanuja feels how could they have been separated when he loved her so dearly. She thinks she got the face of the girl he loved. She holds the wind chime that has Tanu’s face. She says she knows Beeji did not do this deliberately nor is it her mistake. Yet, this happened. It is her bad luck. But Rishi would not understand this. She holds the photo and says sorry Tannu. The moment she holds it she remembers a marriage with Rishi. Her head starts hurting badly. She gets blurred visions. She remembers how people take rebirth to fulfill something. Then, she goes through the entire sequence of events from coming to Mumbai to meeting Rishi and feels what is the hidden message. She wonders why she got Tanu’s face only. She sits down by the bed and cries bitterly.

Rishi comes down and finds Beeji’s condition worsening. He tells Raaj that he is smile and does not care for anything except his family. He assures Beeji that he is okay. Tanuja comes downstairs. He shouts at her to get out. She says she will but requests him not to hate her so much. He yells saying that she is far more characterless than Neha as she changed her face to acquire wealth. He calls her a trained crook. Tanuja cries and goes to Ahana to apologize. Ahana slaps her and says you just cannot be my sister. She was such a pure soul. Tanuja explains that she is not at fault. Beeji shouts at her saying that she has hurt the sentiments of the family. She apologizes on behalf of Neha and Sandy. Rishi drags her out of the house.

The lady in the temple sees the light flickering and worries about Rishi and Tannu’s relationship. She feels sad knowing that he does not understand that she is not at fault. Rishi pushes her from the house thinking how could he hate someone with Tannu’s face so much. She must leave the place at the earliest. But she slips and falls into his arms. (Also Read: Kasam 22nd September 2016 full episode written update, Full Episode: Rishi makes Tanuja cry with his accusations!)

Nidhi and Vidhi cry their heart out saying that Tanuja has become the favourite of Neha and Bani. Nidhi says she is jealous not to have Tanuja’s luck. She walks towards Neha’s house thinking of the accusations hurled at her while Rishi sits in his room crying surrounded by Tannu’s pictures. (Also Read: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki: Smriti Khanna to enter the show as Rishi’s love?)