Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 1st December 2016 Written Update, Full Episode: Rishi and Tanuja confess their love for each other

Tanuja (Kratika Sengar) gets shocked when Rishi (Ssharad Malhotra) tells her that he loves her. Tanuja figures that Malaika drugged Rishi to get close to him and feels relieved. She makes Rishi sit on the bed and gets up to leave. He stops her and tells her that he loves her. He starts reminiscing about their moments together and Tanuja sits to listen happily. He asks her if she loves him back passionately and she confesses her love. He asks her why she left him and she realises that he has been talking about Tanu all this while. He asks her to promise him that she will never leave him again.

He cries and rests his head on her lap. They promise to stay together for eternity. Meanwhile, Malaika is looking for her phone. She realises that she left it in Rishi’s room and panics about Shekhar calling her. She calls Shekhar from the landline and tells him everything. The ideal boyfriend that he is, he gets mad at her for not making out with Rishi. She hangs up on him. Manpreet calls Raaj in the middle of the night to ask where he is and is shocked to find out that he is in Mount Abu. Rano overhears their conversation and starts panicking. Rano tells Manpreet that he is over there to keep an eye on Rishi and Tanuja. (ALSO READ: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 30th November 2016 Written Update, Full Episode: Tanuja throws Malaika out of her room, thanks to Raaj)

In the morning, Raaj sees Malaika in the hotel and asks why she is here. She tell him that she is here for a business meeting and he laughs at her excuse. He tells her that her innocent act won’t work on him and he knows what she is up to. She denies trying to ruin Rishi and Tanuja’s honeymoon when Raaj asks her not waste her time over here. He tells her that he will never let her ruin Rishi and Tanuja’s relationship. Rishi wakes up in the morning, shocked that he was sleeping on Tanuja’s lap and admires Tanuja thinking about how beautiful she looks while sleeping.

Raaj knocks on their door and Rishi goes to get it. He asks Rishi about the injury on his head to which he says that he slipped in the bathroom. Raaj tells Rishi that they look very cute together and says that he can see that they are in love. Rishi gets confused when Tanuja points that a strand of her hair is on his neck. What tests do Rishi and Tanuja have to go through now? Stay hooked with us to find out.